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OBD BLOCK from Author Alarm protects your cars OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic) connector from unauthorised access.

OBDII scan tools were originally intended for use by the dealership and automotive locksmiths. These allowed access to the vehicle’s software. For example, a scan tool could send a command to start the vehicle or to program a new remote key.

In recent years scan tools have become very affordable and easy to get hold of. The OBD BLOCK prevents intruders from gaining access to the vehicle’s software via the OBDII connector.

Author OBD Block NZ

How does it work?

The OBD BLOCK consists of a digital relay which is installed into the vehicles wiring and a unique digital key.

Unique Digital Key

There is no visible indication that the digital relay is fitted. The OBDII can then only be used with the unique digital key. This can be handed over to an approved technician when access to the OBDII is legitimately required.

The Unique Digital Key adaptor simply plugs into the OBDII connector and the scan tool plugs into the other end.

Unique Digital Key allows access to the OBDII Connector

The digital relay will re-connect the diagnostic circuit only when the unique digital key is in place.

OBD Block

Installed Price: $400.00

Obsessive Rating:
A simple solution to modern OBDII hacking methods!

There is no way an intruder will know that it is fitted. Access to the vehicle’s software is denied.

More details about OBD BLOCK can be found on the IGLA Antitheft Website…


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