NZSA Star Rating System: Why is it still being used?

5 star car alarms!

NZSA Star Ratings

NZSA Star Rating?

Back in April 2012, the New Zealand Security Associations failed “star rating system” for car security products was abandoned.

However, the NZSA seem to have forgotten to inform anyone about the decision.

This page on the NZSA Website (Note: Has now been updated as of October 2014) claims that the “Star rating system” is now controlled by the Motor Trade Association, however, the MTA website makes no mention of a star rating system at all. In fact, the last time I approached the MTA they indicated that there was not enough interest from installers to take it on!

I must also point out that the NZSA only got around to changing the vehicle security link on its homepage in late April after I emailed Greg Watts asking him why the NZSA was still promoting the star rating system.

Not Really Professionalising the Security Industry

Now I’m sure we have all heard the NZSA radio advert claiming to be “Professionalising the security industry”. But going on past experiences of dealing with the NZSA I find such claims to be completely false and highly misleading.

Personally, I would not trust the NZSA to fold the wings of a paper aeroplane, let alone be responsible for overseeing any form of security whatsoever!

With the exception of the web page just mentioned the NZSA have failed to remove any other vehicle security page from their website, for example; if I (or an unknowing member of the public) Google “NZSA star ratings” the first two pages that come up are from the NZSA website.

5 star car alarms

Google Search for NZSA star rating

I then click on the links and it would seem that the star rating system is still run by the NZSA.

NZSA Star Rating

Misleading Information

How difficult is it to remove a couple of pages from a website?

On top of this most alarm companies continue to have the “Star rating system” on their websites along with claims of being an NZSA member. No doubt incorrect information is going to confuse and mislead anyone after a car security system.

Given this, I’ve just sent the following email to Greg Watt’s. Executive Officer of the New Zealand Security Association:

Dear Greg,

As I’m sure you are aware, it has now been over 6 months since the NZSA has ceased claiming to represent vehicle security standards.

I would have considered this to have been enough time to remove any pages from the NZSA website referring to Vehicle Security standards along with the NZSA “Star Rating System” for vehicle security systems.

Allow me to bring the following list of web pages to your attention which are all still live on the NZSA website and are all easily found when making a Google enquiry about “NZSA vehicle security”:

Please Note: The above list is not comprehensive.

The NZSA website also claims that the MTA have taken over the Star Rating System, however this would appear to be a false claim. If in any doubt about about this then I would suggest that you communicate with the MTA.

I would also like to ask what you and the NZSA have done to inform past members that you no longer represent vehicle security standards?

Whilst I understand that the NZSA does not control other companies websites, it could at least make and attempt to communicated with them.

For example the following websites still claim to be members of the NZSA and are also still promoting the defunct “Star Rating System”.


Wellington Businesses:

Auckland Businesses:

Too many to list… I also note that there are other parts of NZ not yet mentioned!

Given your claims that the NZSA are “Professionalising the security industry” I’m sure that you will want to act in a professional manor by taking action on the following:

1: Remove any irrelevant information from the NZSA website.

2: Inform past members of the NZSA that the “Star Rating System” is now null and void and request that they remove any reference to it from their websites.

3: Request that any claims of false NZSA membership should be removed from past members websites.

4: Communicate with the MTA to clarify if they are taking on the “Star Rating System”.

Once again I must point out how much it disappoints me that you have failed to take any initiative or any action over the matter to date.

Please respond to this email and inform me what action the NZSA intends to take.

Regards Julian

Let’s hope that some action get taken as a result of this!


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4 Responses to NZSA Star Rating System: Why is it still being used?

  1. Julian Julian says:


    The NZSA have clearly read my email as they have now removed most of the pages on their website that I mentioned.

    Sadly they have not been big enough to respond to my email which is pathetic.

    Another attempt to sweep their issues under the carpet rather then taking a professional, proactive approach!

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  3. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Hey Julian,

    Got an alarm installed by you on Friday – unfortunately I didn’t get it installed a week earlier, as it would have likely saved me a few hundred dollars in stolen property!

    Over the past couple of days I have been reading through all of your blog posts, and it has really opened my eyes to the corruptness which appears to be weaved into the vehicle security industry, and to an extent the safety industries as well!

    Personally I’ve never been a fan of VTNZ (how do you know a vehicle’s safe if you don’t repair them?) – but I never knew they were owned by the MTA, who almost appear to publicise themselves as the authority of vehicle safety! Now I know that in this field there is also huge financial motives to keep things the way they are!

    Perhaps it would be beneficial for the people of New Zealand if the vehicle security and safety industries were governed by non-profit sections of the government, instead of commercial institutions with only financial motivations in mind.

    For example, how can the MTA state who the good WoF inspectors are, when they own their own WoF business? Or how could the NZSA have endorsed alarm models, when their board was made up of alarm manufacturer CEOs? I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if they not only charged for memberships, but also sold guides to criminals on how to get around their 5-star alarms! – Not that it would be too difficult, based on your experiences!

    Let me know your thoughts!

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Apparently NZ is the third least corrupt Country on the planet:

    That said I think many New Zealanders are too trusting and it is easy for us all to get complacent!

    We can all play a roll and make the effort to keep things above board. I’m a firm believer that people can make a difference. Take the NZSA for example. I gave them a choice about three years ago, which was clean up, or let me expose the truth which is not that flattering! They chose to ignore me and continue the corrupt Star rating system so I kept digging away. Low and behold it got too ugly and they gave up. At least that’s my view of it.

    Whilst I could be deluded, I doubt very much that things would have changed if not for the blog. Chances are we would still have the NZSA taking our cash and misleading the public for their own financial gain.

    The truth is that I would have preferred the NZSA to have cleaned up its act and I was actually willing to work with them to make this happen. Still In my view, no system is better then a corrupt one.

    Ideally I’d like to see Thatcham standards adopted here in NZ as the product testing works and it’s about time that Installers were actually trained and tested!

    However unless the industry and government decide to take some action I doubt that much will happen.

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