NZSA Meeting… Friday 20th May!

Boys Club?

Finally I have had confirmation that there will be a meeting for the Vehicle Security Group of the NZSA. True to his word, Greg Watts has invited me to attend and has offered a free lunch (as if there is such as thing!)

The catch is I will have to pay my own way to get up to Auckland and back. Is it lost on these clowns that Wellington is the centre of NZ where the big decisions should be made?

As the only “None JAFA” I have the option to attend by conference call which I will most likely do.  Maybe I should ask for the free lunch to be put in a doggy bag and sent to me via a courier?

On a more serious note the agenda has yet to be sent out, but I’m sure there is a need to discuss the lack of installer standards as well as product standards.

Speaking of alarm standards, there are representatives from AVS, Meridian, Mongoose and Uniden who will be attending and make up 50% of the numbers. Fat chance of any of that lot pushing for higher standards when it is their alarms that have the biggest question marks over them!

Still I’ll try and keep an open mind and be constructive. If anyone has any points they feel should be raised then please let me know 🙂

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13 Responses to NZSA Meeting… Friday 20th May!

  1. Jim says:

    Bloody hell, miracles do happen.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s a trap! Don’t go, they just want to silence you. They’re going to hire a hitman to take out that thorn in their side 🙂

  3. Julian says:

    It’s a trap! Don’t go, they just want to silence you. They’re going to hire a hitman to take out that thorn in their side

    Hahahaha, Maybe that was part of their cunning plan with the free lunch to lure me to Auckland?

    They’ll probably be playing subliminal messages over the telephone to brainwash me

    “Mongoose, that’s a name you can trust”

  4. Julian says:

    Bloody hell, miracles do happen.

    I put this down to consistent harassment! The miracle will be when the group collectively say; You have a very good point, we now recognise that most 5 Star alarms are crap, so lets do something to address the issue!”

  5. Rick says:

    “representatives from AVS, Meridian, Mongoose and Uniden”

    Oh dear. That’s like a who’s who of low-end alarms. You’d think the higher quality brands would want to chime in on the product standards issue so that the ratings reflect that their alarms are, well, better.

    It would be worth trying to collar reps from the higher end alarm makers for some support using an argument like the above. 🙂 Or do they not belong to the NZSA?!

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Rick,

    Good point.
    I’ll make some enquiries and get back to you.

  7. Julian says:

    I have spoken to the Importer for Cobra who says that they have no interest in joining the NZSA for the following reasons:

    1: Cobra meets with Thatcham standards which are respected.

    2: The NZSA is in their option a cartel with the goal of selling poor quality alarms in NZ. They pointed out that you will not find most star rated products in Europe because they don’t meet Thatcham standards.

    3: The NZSA is not accountable, seems to be very secretive and is viewed as being a boys club who only have themselves to answer to!

    4: It is not an organisation which they would want to be associated with in its current form.

  8. Rick says:

    So essentially the Cobra reps are echoing what you’ve been saying on your blog all along! Very interesting and, for the NZSA, very damning.

    I guess for the product suppliers it’s OK to keep away from the NSZA because they can cite other standards (notably Thatcham) but for installers like yourself it a bit difficult to go it alone because the absence of a trust chain.

    For someone with sufficient management skills I see an opportunity there to form a new standards organization specificlly for car security in New Zealand that companies like Cobra, Autowatch and Obsessive could oversee (a Thatcham derivative I’m sure). This would only work properly if the insurance companies can offer lower premiums for systems meeting this new (higher) standard otherwise the public will continue to go for cheapy NZSA-approved alarms and nothing will have changed.

  9. Julian says:

    It does kind of suck having to belong to an organisation that I know is compromised!

    I spoke to Kishor at Autowatch NZ today, he had no idea the meeting was taking place. It seems quite clear that NZSA members have not been informed that the meeting is taking place. I guess they want to keep the whole thing quiet and on a need to know basis. I’m simply there because I’ve been hounding Greg Watts for the past year!

    I’ll flick Greg an email about the matter and update when I get a response.

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  11. Tim says:

    Need a place to stay if you come up just let me know!

  12. Julian says:

    Thanks Tim,

    Offer very much appreciated.
    I’ll bear that mind.

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