NZ Performance Car stuff up again!!!

NZ Performance Car

Last month I slated NZ Performance Car Magazine for writing what can only be described as a load of bollocks about vehicle security!

One of my readers was good enough to post a link about my comments on the NZ Performance Car’s facebook page.

They, in turn, asked me to call their editor to discuss the matter which I was more than happy to do.

I pointed out how disappointed I was that they failed to do their homework and that most of their feature was simply misleading, out of date, or pure fiction!

Crap Journalism

Giving such poor advice that young impressionable readers suck up is not really going to help reduce crime or help them make an informed decision.

Anyway, the editor promised that a retraction would be printed in the next issue and that he would ensure that future editorials would be better researched.

He also asked if I’d be keen to write a feature about security for the magazine, to which I replied I’d love to, but as yet I’ve not heard back from them!


NZ Performance Car Retraction

Even the retraction is incorrect!

Rather the waste $10.00 I simply had a flick through the mag at my local supermarket and took the above photo.

The second part of the retraction states:

“As of April 2012 the NZSA handed this responsibility over to the MTA.

You can find a database of MTA-approved installers on its website.”

Really? You have to be kidding me! If anyone can find the “database of MTA-approved installers on its website” then please let me know because as far as I am aware there is none!

Back in November 2012, I reported that the MTA had nothing to do with vehicle security installers or standards. I also questioned why the defunct “Star rating system” was still being used and wrote a letter to Greg Watts at the NZSA asking him why false information about the MTA was still up on the NZSA website!

I’ve just checked the NZSA website and sadly they have not updated it, despite my bringing it to their attention. The last I heard from the NZSA was that they would update their website when it became cost effective to do so. I can only assume that after blowing all their budget on a Media-works radio campaign claiming that they were “professionalising the security industry” that they don’t actually have the gumption of funds to do actually back up the words!

Anyway, back to NZ Performance Car Magazine. Does anyone think that they’ll be writing a retraction in the next issue in regards to the retraction in this months issue?

Is there any hope for journalism in this country?

On a bright note, at least I have a beer in the fridge!


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