No installs this week!

Update: I’m healing up nicely but the finger is still painful. Stitches come out this Monday, but there is still the risk of it splitting open again so I need to rest the hand.

I’m planning on being back in action on the Tuesday 25th October.

Obsessive Bike Crash!

On doctors orders, I’m taking a week off (maybe two) to recover after falling off my bike at the weekend.

Mainly because my knuckle got cut open and needs time to heal after having the gravel removed and getting stitched back up.

Big up for Wellington Hospital for fixing me up

Big up to the staff at Wellington Hospital for fixing me up

I’ve also got bruised ribs, a cut arm and leg and some impressive scratch marks down most of my body. Not that any of those would normally stop me from working! The bike, however, is fine and got me home after I got my composure back after nearly passing out!

Obsessive Bike Crash!


The good news is I have not broken any bones ­čÖé I’ll have time to catch up with some blog posts this week even though my typing is now rather clumsy!

Any of you waiting on an install, I’ll be back to the tools soon. Thanks for being patient until I recover.


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2 Responses to No installs this week!

  1. Avatar Nick Massey says:

    wow you favourite finger too lol

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Yep, the same finger that I dislocated some years back ­čśŤ

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