Nissan Leaf Upgrade Alarm

The Leaf came out in 2010. It is the first fully electric vehicle from Nissan and accounts for about 50% of all electric vehicles in New Zealand.

Being an e-NV200 owner I am well aware of how many are on the roads. In my eyes, they are a nuisance as they block the charging ports when I need a top up ­čśŤ

I also remember being jealous that the Nissan Leaf had a button on the remote to open the charge port. Sadly this was not carried over to the van. Nissan decided a shitty bonnet pull lever would do! Of course, this simply inspired me to find a solution.

Nissan Leaf (ZE0) 2010-2017

What security does the Nissan Leaf come with?

The Leaf comes with a factory immobiliser and SmartKey entry with push-to-start.

Most don’t have an alarm, the ones that I’ve seen that do have chunky black ultrasonic sensors on the “A” Pillars. I think the alarm was a dealership fit option when sold in Japan, but I’m not certain about this. If you are a Leaf geek feel welcome to confirm or correct me on this.

For those that don’t have an alarm and want that extra level of security, I highly recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm for Vodafone Automotive. It works flawlessly with the factory SmartKey.

Nissan Leaf SmartKey with charge port open button

The AK4615 offers a super loud digital siren, horn honk, door, boot and bonnet protection, along with ultrasonic internal movement sensors.

The Sensor pods come in grey as standard which is a perfect colour match for the 2010-2012 models which have a grey interior. The later models have black “A” pillars. The sensor pods can be painted to match.

Below are some photos of how the alarm looks when installed:

Black Ultrasonic Pods on a 2014 Nissan Leaf

LED over-ride switch in the Leaf

I’ll post an update on the New ZE1 Leaf soon.

I’ve also been doing some CAN sniffing on the Leaf as well as my e-NV200. Hopefully, I’ll be able to offer KEYLESS BLOCK for it soon. Watch this space…

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