New Window Stickers

It’s your car so I generally don’t slap stickers on without asking (I hate it when tyre shops do this to me and think it’s bloody rude and shameless advertising). However, when it comes to security it could make a scum bag think twice and save you from getting a smashed window.

I’ve got the following stickers available for those who want them.

Alarm Window Stickers

New Obsessive Alarm Window Stickers (6cm wide)

The new Obsessive window stickers are free to all existing customers. Anyone wanting them please let me know. (Please respect that if you do not have one of my installs then I will not hand them out as I do not want to be associated with poor workmanship).

The stickers are a dome epoxy design so should stand up well to the harsh NZ UV light.

More Alarm Window Stickers

I’ve also got my hands on some Cobra stickers. Photos and sizes below.

Cobra 300mm wide with White background

Cobra with white background (30cm wide)

Cobra Alarm Window Stickers

Cobra with red background (20cm and 30cm wide)


Cobra (Old Logo)  with clear backing (20cm wide)

All of these are free whilst stock lasts. Only available if you have a Cobra alarm installed!

I’ve also got spare “Normal size” Cobra stickers kicking around


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4 Responses to New Window Stickers

  1. Avatar Rick says:

    What’s particularly funny is when people have alarm stickers on their car advertising their low-quality easily-defeated alarm (not mentioning names but we all know who they are). You’re right about unsolicited stickers though – unless you’re sticking on a legally required sticker (.e.g. WoF) you have no business attaching stickers without the owner’s consent.

    For the record, I still have my Obsessive stickers on my car. Somebody even gave me thumbs up once because they recognized it. Presumably another satisfied customer.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    There are a huge number of my installs without any stickers on the car. I’m really anti aggressive marketing and make a mental note to avoid people who drop junk mail in my letter box or send spam emails. My view point is that I’m easy to find if you look for me but I’m not pushy. It’s how I like to be treated so it works both ways.

    Spot on with the low quality alarm stickers! I’ve been meaning to do a post pointing out how some stickers advertise the weaknesses that your car security system has. I also need to cover the “5 star car alarm” stickers that are a blatant rip off of the mongoose design. Really horrible to see companies that sell security stealing off others!

  3. Avatar Aaron Woodcock says:

    I’d definitely be keen for a sticker or 2. The obsessive one and the cobra with white background. Or either if you don’t have enough for both. Cheers

  4. Julian Julian says:

    For the Mark X I assume? PM your address and I’ll chuck some in the post for you.

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