New Toyota Hiace Alarm

Back in March, I got my hands on the new 2019 Toyota Hiace (H300) to test out the factory security system. It’s quite a change from the old model and comes with an alarm system.

I’ve now installed well over 400 alarms in the old shape Hiace. Given the popularity of the van, it has been a priority to make sure I had a solution for the new model as soon as it was available for sale.

Is the Factory Alarm any good?

Well, it works from the factory remote key and it covers the doors, boot and bonnet.

It also disarms with the driver’s door lock!

Only One Remote Key!

The Hiace comes with 3 keys, but only one has the built-in remote buttons. I’ve got a solution…

New Toyota Hiace Alarm 2019

The 2019 Hiace

What does the Toyota Hiace alarm lack?

The alarm lacks internal movement sensors and will disarm if the door lock is picked. Given this, I highly recommend upgrading if you keep any valuables inside.

Upgrading the Hiace Alarm

I have been busy working with Vodafone Automotive developing the AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm firmware to work with the new Hiace. I’ve also gathered all the wiring information to make the installation as clean as possible.

The AK4615 works with the factory remote. It will not disarm when the door lock is picked, has a super loud digital battery back-up siren and honks the horn. It also has ultrasonic internal movement sensors so covers all bases.

LED over-ride

The Alarm comes with a red 3mm LED mounted with the over-ride switch. In the Hiace, I fit it next to the traction control button as shown in the photo below. For anyone wanting a brighter LED, I can easily add one.

Easy Emergency Over-ride 

The PIN code over-ride can be customized to any 4 digit number so the alarm can be disarmed if the remote battery fails.

Window Closure

The AK4615 can command the Hiace windows to close when the alarm is armed.

This feature included in the price of the alarm, but the dealership will need to change some of the default settings for this to work.

Toyota Hiace Alarm

New Toyoya Hiace Alarm

Cobra AK4615 Toyota Upgrade: $700.00 (Price includes installation and GST)

Optional Cobra Remote: $115.00

Remote will lock-unlock the van and complement the plain key.

Note: The New Hiace is not being sold in Japan so there will not be any used Japanese import models coming over.

The old shape Hiace is still being sold by Toyota NZ. Details about the alarm options for the H200 shape Hiace ca he found here…

Optional Upgrade:

Tilt Sensor $150.00

Cobra Tilt Sensor

I’ve not yet come up with a courier alarm solution but dare say I may get around to that once there is a demand for it.

Update June 2020

Details about the Hiace Courier alarm can be found here…

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4 Responses to New Toyota Hiace Alarm

  1. Marz says:

    Hi i have a customer with 2021 hiace wanting courier mode with alarm can you supply us a unit with installation instructions? Regards, Marz.

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Marz,

    I only supply systems with installation.


  3. John says:

    Hi julian we’re are you based or if you can install the alarm on Saturday?are you mobile service?

  4. Julian says:

    Hi John,

    My hours and location are clearly stated on the website Contact page:


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