My first poor review!


Poor Review on Google

I’ve had my first poor review on Google this week. A low 1 out of 5 stars by a man who claims his name is Joseph Alexander.

Here it is below:

Contacted this guy about having alarms installed. He wasted a lot of time on the telephone rubbishing every brand of alarm apart from the ones he sells, trying to tell me personal details about the other car alarm companies, calling their alarms ‘cheap Chinese crap’, all I wanted was some car alarms for our company’s vans! He is very vindictive and bitter about his competitors (this comes through on his website too), some of whom I found great to deal with when I rang/emailed around, and who corrected a lot of the untruths this guy told about them. I have opted to go elsewhere, this guy is a bit too ‘obsessive’ for me!

The thing is I don’t ever recall such a phone conversation and it’s not as if I have Alzheimer’s yet! Talking about my competitors is not something I do on the phone. First off I have little interest in what most of them do unless they are trying to trade on my name which has happened once or twice in the past! Secondly, I’m more interested in finding out about what any potential customer requires and what vehicle they have and what options I can give them.

I felt sorry for Joseph (assuming that this was his real name) so offered him a night out a Calendar Girls.

Here is my full response:

Hi Joseph,

I find it odd that you would write a review about a company that you have not used. I also don’t recall such a phone conversation.

Anyway as a gesture of good will I’m willing to offer you a pass for night at Calendar Girls in Wellington as it seems you have way to much time on your hands and clearly need a little love in your otherwise pitiful life! Only catch is that you’ll need to collect it in person to prove that you are real.

Regards, Julian @ Obsessive Vehicle Security

Time will tell if Joseph fronts up and if anyone knows him please give him a hug as he clearly needs one.


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