MTA + WOF = Vested Interest!

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Whilst this is going off subject, I know that we’re all car owners and this does affect us all.

So we’ve probably all seen the TV advert and I dare say that many out there have been brainwashed by it. The MTA knows how easy it is to manipulate public opinion. Looking at the votes submitted on their website seem to be achieving their goal.

Here’s a link to the MTA Hands off the WOF site:

What’s really behind the MTA WOF campaign?

Did you know that the MTA owns VTNZ?

It hardly takes a rocket scientist to do the Maths: If the Warrant of Fitness tests dropped from the current 6 monthly testing to every 12 months then the VTNZ would lose 50% of its revenue. On top of that, the MTA would also lose income from some other members who depend upon frequent testing for a large chunk of their turn over.

Crap Kiwi journalism adding to the brainwashing?

I completely understand why the MTA would have such a one-sided campaign. What disturbs me more is that many of the lazy journalists have completely overlooked the motives of the MTA.

Campbell Live ran a show and failed to mention that the MTA owned VTNZ. It was the usual bullshit sensationalist scaremongering with no apparent research. Other than getting quotes from the MTA and visiting a VTNZ testing station little else was mentioned. So much for cutting edge leading journalism!

Sensible Testing?

Personally, I believe that having a testing system based upon distance travelled would be the sensible option, even on older cars. Other than income for the MTA and its members, is there any reason why you would test a classic car that lives in a garage and only travels on sunny weekends every 6 months?

Maybe testing a car every 20,000 KM or every 3 years, depending on which comes first would be a better solution along with tougher policing and better driver education.

If the current 6-month system is working then how come we have so many vehicles on our roads with no WOF at all? It amazes me how many cars I see at night with a headlamp out and park-lights failed too! Yet in the UK where testing is only every 12 months (MOT) such a thing is a rare event. I could make other examples but I think my point is already clear.

Don’t even get me started on the subject of compulsory vehicle insurance, or should that be lack of it?

More responsibility needs to be taken by the vehicle owners. Hell, I even think that part of the driving test should involve basic knowledge of how a car works, for example, the driving test should involve demonstrating that you know how to change a wheel and check your tyre pressure.

I really hope that the government takes into account that the MTA is buying public opinion here.

I really had hoped for better from the MTA but at the end of the day, it’s hard to view the MTA as much more than another boys club where they only look out for their own interests.

It would be a shame if we all fell for the spin!

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3 Responses to MTA + WOF = Vested Interest!

  1. Luke says:

    I am totally in agreeance with you Julian. It should be based on distance travelled in my opinion. The amount of Taxis i see driving through the CBD on bald tyres is shocking, and they’re the ones that we are meant to be relying on for our safety!!

    The one thing i do worry about is, if it goes to 12 monthly or per kilometre, are mechanics going to need to start charging more per hour for labour to cover the amount they are losing out on from failing people’s WOF’s….

    There’s a fine line, but I certainly don’t agree with the line taken by the MTA, and agree it is pure brain washing.

  2. Julian says:

    And it’s always the Taxis i see doing U-turns on blind corners and taking up the parking spaces. Better driver education again!

    In regards to mechanics, if you find a good honest one stick with them, it will only be the cowboys that take advantage. I take both my cars to Tatiana at MAPS even though it means driving out to Pukerua bay.

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