Mongoose MAP70

The MAP70 Series is part of the new generation of car alarms from Mongoose.

Being a CAN-BUS alarm the MAP70  has the Cobra AK4615 and the Autowatch 695CAN to measure up to so it would be fair to assume that Mongoose has been hard at work in an effort to make a first class product.

Mongoose has 3 versions of the MAP70 Series. The MAP70GNZ comes with a Glass Break Sensor, The MAP70AU has Ultrasonics and the MAP70R2 has Ultrasonics along with 2 additional remotes. To keep things simple I shall refer to all 3 as the MAP70.

With most Modern vehicles being based on CAN-BUS wire platforms the MAP70 is an important alarm for Mongoose so it is disappointing that it is not rated as an Insurance approved alarm. Both the Cobra and Autowatch are certified as Thatcham CAT 2-1 and given that Thatcham standards are accepted by the NZSA, both qualify as a full blown 5-star alarm (assuming that the vehicle already has an approved Immobiliser).

The MAP70 is not at all similar to the other alarms in the Mongoose range, after taking a closer look it is clear why. The MAP70 is actually a  TYTAN DS400/CAN which is designed and manufactured in Poland. So much for Mongoose making their own products and keeping up with the latest technology!


Mongoose MAP70 Remote

Optional Mongoose Remote

Option for Separate Mongoose Remotes

The MAP70RU is a variant of the MAP70 but comes with 2 remotes which can command the vehicle and the alarm.

Poor Quality Siren

Unfortunately, The MAP70 still uses the Old Style of Battery backup siren with an over-ride key. This means that the siren has to be left in an easily accessible position.

Battery backup sirens which can’t be hidden are about as pointless as a bucket with a hole in the bottom! Speaking of Over-ride keys the one on offer with the MAP70 is so basic that it would look more at home on a 5-year-old girls jewellery box!

Misleading Siren Description?

Mongoose describes the siren as a ” Battery Back-up Digital Siren”, personally I find this description misleading.

It is not a true digital battery back-up siren that actually knows if the alarm is armed or disarmed like the ones made by Cobra and Autowatch,

It’s a basic siren that is triggered by a negative pulse from the main alarm module. The only digits Mongoose get for this lame effort are big thumbs down!

Mongoose MAP70 or TITAN DS400/CAN?

Mongoose MAP70 Review


MAP70 Series RRP:

MAP70GNZ: 849.00

MAP70AU: 849.00

MAP70R2: 999.00

None Insurance Approved

Obsessive Rating: Very Disappointing

The MAP70 is more expensive than the excellent Cobra AK4615 and Autowatch 695CAN, yet it lacks the insurance approval and the Digital Battery Back-up siren.



  • Battery Back-up siren with Over-ride key
  • Ultrasonic’s
  • Operates from factory remote
  • Blue LED



  • Command via Mongoose remote (MAP70R2 only)
  • Additional sensors

A list of compatible Vehicles can be found on the Mongoose website but your time would be better spent looking at the Cobra AK4615 or the Autowatch 695CAN

PDF iconMAP70 User Manual

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