Mongoose M60 Remote Issues…

Mongoose Product Range

Mongoose Product Range

Mongoose have been having some issues with the remotes on the new generation M60 series. It seems that I may have spoken to soon about the new remotes being better than the old model in my previous review of the M60. The curse of the M60 remote continues!

The remotes suffer from poor range so if you’re wandering why your M60 won’t arm or disarm then you will need to contact either Mongoose or the company who supplied you with the product.


NEW M60 Remote.


All Obsessive Vehicle Security customers can relax. Mainly because I have not sold any M60’s because I don’t rate them, but if I did then they are covered by my lifetime installation warranty. I also keep a database so I can contact my customers to make them aware of any potential issues.  However for those of you out there who tried to be clever and save some cash by shopping on Trade me this may well be a hard lesson learnt.

I have always said that it is good practice to let one company supply and install the alarm. Saving a couple of cents can prove to be quite expensive in the long run!!!

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14 Responses to Mongoose M60 Remote Issues…

  1. Avatar David Harley says:

    We are not sure what you mean by ‘some issues’ with the M60 remote. This infers that there is more than one issue.
    The only recent ‘issue’ was about 2% of production models had shorter than normal remote reception range – about 5 metres from the vehicle – which incidently is about the same as most factory remotes using the infrared system.
    This was caused by the RF receiver board – not the remote control itself, so your blog is inaccurate.
    An upgraded RF receiver board has been retro-fitted to all M60’s, those in our and our dealers stock, plus those of any customer who may have experienced shorter than normal range. All Mongoose dealers have been issued a service bulletin on this matter which is now resolved. We suggest that your blog comments be suitably brought up to date.

    David Harley

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  3. Avatar Julian says:

    Thanks for your comments David,

    I can’t find the words to say how honoured I am that you read my blog!

  4. Avatar David Harley says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    As the blog is now untrue, can you please delete the blog from your website ?

  5. Avatar Julian says:


    Seeing that in your previous comments you accept that there has been an issue with the M60 I can’t see how the blog is “untrue”. Infact I would go so far to say the your comments have now given the post more credibility!

    I maybe incorrect in my use of plural (the M60 had an issue and on not issues) but the post itself is on the whole correct and informative.

    Whilst the issue was not actually with the remote, but with the “RF receiver board” the fact is that the remote would fail to arm and disarm the alarm. Most people experiencing this issue won’t be overly concerned about the technical reasons for this, so in laymen’s terms the blog remains a useful resource.

    Personally I love living in a democratic society which allows freedom of speech and open debate, we are lucky enough to have this privilege and should never take it for granted. Therefore I don’t like the idea of being told to delete an open and honest debate from my blog!

  6. Avatar Reg says:

    Further to this, havong spoken to other users there are also issues around reception, even when standing beside my vehicle. I replaced the battery yet still am unable to unlock the vehicle an mobilise the engine. I phoned the 0800 help line and I think someone forgot to tell them they were there to help

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  11. Avatar Pamela says:

    Hi I have just bought a car that has a mongoose M60 remote I believe as they look the same, it has the blue light my button is completely stuffed and looks like it has water damage inside, along with bad signal for range of arming and disarming the car but I was wondering how much it is for a new remote?

    Regards pam

  12. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Pam,

    Mongoose remote controls are $90.00.
    It will need coding to your alarm so I’ll need to know if you’re local to help.

    Rather then put all your details on a public forum I suggest that you either give me a call or contact me privately via the contact page.


  13. Avatar candyce keelan says:

    The remote got wet,but the blue light is still working. We cannot use the car what so ever.
    We live at least 2 and a half hours from the nearest township.
    What do we need to do to sort this alarm…arrg

  14. Julian Julian says:

    My advice to everyone is to get to know how your alarm works. Don’t wait until you are down to one remote because it’s no fun when it gets lost or fails!

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