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Following on from the other Immobiliser reviews it is now time to look at what Mongoose has to offer. The Immobiliser I am reviewing here is the top model known as the M80 Series, but the same security housing can also be found with the MAP80 Upgrade alarm.

All the Mongoose Systems covered here claim to meet with NZSA standards (which I have questioned in the past!) but fail to meet with the respected standards set by Thatcham.

Both the M80 Series and the MAP80 cut 3 Immobiliser circuits, but to be effective the unit needs to be well hidden and be difficult to open up. Let us see how the Mongoose stands up…

How big is the Mongoose Immobiliser?

Large Mongoose Immobiliser

M80/MAP80 Series Immobiliser Housing

As with all my other review, I shall start off by looking at the size of the Mongoose Immobiliser.

The Dimensions:

Height: 5.0cm

Width: 10.4 cm plus cables plugged into one side

Length: 12.0cm plus cables coming out of one end

The Mongoose is easily the biggest of all the Immobilisers I have looked at so assuming your mode of transport is not the TARDIS finding the space to hide it effectively is extremely difficult.

Security Housing?

The vital Immobiliser circuits are protected by 2 Torx screws which I managed to open in 17 seconds. Sure you need a Torx Screwdriver (which is available from most tool shops) but once you have one they are easier to undo than normal screws as the Torx bit grips very well!

Obsessive Rating: Big Fat and Easy to get inside (Don’t go there!)

Another “Star rated” approved system that I find very disappointing!

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  3. bruce limb says:

    how do i unhook this system from a holden commodore vs s ute

  4. Julian says:

    Take it to your local alarm specialist and let them do it for you.

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