Mongoose 5 Star alarm siren. Epic Fail!



It’s no secret that I have no respect the “5-star alarm” rating system. It sickens me to see that Mongoose and others are still plugging it. Everyone in the industry is aware that it is a misleading guide designed only to sell second-rate products to both the insurance industry and the public.

I have pointed out numerous times how pointless a battery back-up siren with over-ride keys are and have questioned why they are still on sale when it is clear how little protection they offer.

The following video is of a Mongoose M60G siren and shows how easy it is to turn off even without the key.

One key fits them all!

How happy would you be if your neighbours’ house kit worked in your front door?

Fortunately, Mongoose are not locksmiths. If they were you may as well leave your front door wide open when you go out. Every M60G has the same lock and one key fits them all.

Personally, I think Mongoose should do a product recall. So much for Mongoose being the “Name you can trust”!

Surely this has to be conclusive proof that AS/NZS 3749.1:2003 Class A. is beyond a joke. I would love to know who actually approved this product and who was involved in writing the standard. Last week I even emailed Mongoose asking to see the certificate for the Mongoose M60G and they failed to provide me with a copy.

Andrew Harley (Sales Manager of Mongoose NZ) did question why I wanted to see the certificate. Well, my reason is simple. I am sick of seeing cars getting stolen because they are fitted with crap alarms that claim to meet bullshit standards.

I’m not comfortable knowing that members of the public are getting ripped off by manufacturers that continue to hide behind the 5 Star rating system!

There needs to be a major overhaul in both product standards and testing procedures.


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  1. Julian Julian says:

    Just sent the following email to Mongoose Sales:

    Hi Andrew,

    I think you should be aware just how easy the siren on your Mongoose M60G is to defeat.


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