Misleading Star Ratings!

Following on from the NZSA Installers post I’d like to clear up some issues about the Star ratings system. There are some very misleading Websites which suggest that their products are star rated and talk about Insurance approval. Do not be fooled!

NZSA Approved Alarms are listed on the Website

Official NZSA Star ratings

Official NZSA Star ratings

The NZSA website list all valid NZSA alarms.

Note: Any alarm which is rated Thatcham Catagory 1 meets with NZSA 5 star approval if installed by a NZSA certified installer, the same goes for Thatcham Catagory 2 which meets with NZSA 3 Star approval.

Bogus Star Ratings

Bogus star ratings!

Bogus star ratings!

Here’s a star rating system that appears on the Warlocks website. NOTE: The products are not NZSA Approved.

Warlocks, the company promoting what I consider to be a very misleading star rating system got placed into liquidation on the 27 May 2009. The Website however is still (date of this post) running! Be Warned!

Warlocks are not alone in misleading the public about insurance rated alarms!

More to follow soon…


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