Mercedes Sprinter Alarm System

The generation 3 Sprinter has been in production since 2018. It comes with remote locking and immobiliser as standard but does not come with an alarm.

For those wishing to upgrade the security and add an alarm I recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm which works with the factory remote.

I can also configure the alarm to work as a courier alarm with a Cobra remote which I’ll explain at the end of this post.

Gen 3 (907/910) VS30 Mercedes Sprinter

How the AK4615 Mercedes Sprinter Alarm works

It simply works with the factory remote. Lock the van and it arms. Unlock with either the front or rear unlock buttons and it disarms.

Alarm works with Mercedes remote

Expect all the usual, a very loud hidden siren and optional horn honk.

Ultrasonic Internal Protection

The ultrasonic sensors get painted black to match the trim colour, they then get mounted on either side of the rearview mirror. This gives good coverage of the whole cabin, especially with motorhome setups where side cabinets can often block the view to the back of the van,

Ultrasonic sensors painted black for a perfect colour match

The LED over-ride switch goes nicely on a switch blank as shown below.

LED over-ride switch

Courier Alarm Option

Following on from the Toyota Hiace CAN-BUS courier alarm (which was an Obsessive first) I’ve not got the AK4615 to work as a courier alarm in the Sprinter too.

Sprinter Courier alarm

This happened after the local car audio shop told my customer it was not possible. I suggest that they should remove the signage claiming to be alarm specialist or up their game ?

Pricing: (correct at time of posting this but subject to change)

AK4615 $700.00

Cobra Remote $115.00 each

Previous generation Spinter (906) 2006-2018

Gen 2 Sprinter 2006-2018

The AK4615 also works in the previous model Mercedes Sprinter as posted here… (although I’ve not made a courier alarm version available as yet)

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