Mercedes Benz C Class Upgrade Alarm

If you own a (W204) C Class Mercedes Benz without an alarm then the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm is as good as any factory-fitted option you could have.

It’s also a fraction of the price from what you’d pay at the dealership at the time of purchase.

Top Class Security

Other than a very subtle LED on the dash there is no visible sign that I’ve worked on the car.

C Class (W204) 2017-2014

Everything works with the factory smart key flawlessly.

Cobra LED on the C Class dash

Ultrasonic Installation Perfection

The C Class has factory holes in the light cluster that the Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors simply clip into.

C Class (W204) alarm movement sensors

There is no drilling required, they fit in the same as the factory option ones.

Fitting the sensors back into the roof lining

It’s then a case of running the cables and clipping the trim back in place with a sense of satisfaction.

Installation complete and nothing to see

It’s not just the visual side of things I love about the ultrasonic sensor in the Mercedes.

If you arm the alarm and leave a window open, then the alarm will disable the sensors and give you a warning chirp to let you know. This way you’ll never get a false alarm or leave your windows open by mistake.

It’s not a feature unique to the C Class, this is a common feature with most German vehicles.

Other simple (none standard) features

The alarm disarms when the boot is opened with the smart key, then re-arms when you shut the boot. The system is quite simply designed to work flawlessly with the car.

As for the rest of the install, well it’s all hidden and as tidy as the rest of the factory wiring as shown here:

C Class Upgrade Alarm

The Cobra AK4615 also works in the current C Class (W205) 2014>

Price from $750.00 installed.


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