Know how your alarm works

Know How Your Alarm Works

Read the manual and don’t 2nd guess!

Don’t wait until your alarm fails!

There is never a good time for your alarm remote to fail. If you don’t change the remote batteries then it’s only a matter of time before it will eventually happen.

It’s also quite common for remote controls to end up in the washing machine, fall down a drain, or even to take a dip in the ocean (Yes I’ve done this myself ūüėõ !)

Do you know your PIN Number?

Most alarms and immobilisers have either an over-ride PIN number or valet switch that allows you to disarm the alarm. My advice is to make a note of your pin number or switch location just in case you need it.

Don’t put it off, act now and be smart!

Alarm PIN #

There is no need to compromise your security system by leaving the PIN number in the car. My advice is to store it on your phone if you don’t remember it.

Give your car a pet name

Naming your car Nissan Skyline and only having a 4 digit number stored is not a great idea.

If you lose your phone or someone undesirable sees the contact then it could be game over. I suggest giving the car a name like Emma. (use your imagination) and then have the last digits of the fake phone number as the PIN number as shown in the photo. The example given has a 5 digit number of 12345.

Keep your alarm user manual on your phone

It’s also a good idea to store a copy of your alarms user manual on your smartphone. PDF copies of most alarm manuals can be found here. I’ve also put a PDF link in at the end of each alarm review. The Obsessive website is smartphone optimized so it’s easy to download them.

Alarm Fault Codes

Most user manuals also contain alarm fault codes so you’ll be able to find out what’s happened should it go off. Besides which it’s a really good idea to know how it works!

If you don’t know what your alarms over-ride number is then I can normally help you¬†to find out what it is. Don’t wait until you have a problem before you call me. I’m not going to be much use to you if need my services outside of my work hours!

It’s also a good idea to get some spare remote batteries or keep or replace your existing ones if they are getting old. I’d also suggest you have a working spare remote.

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