Hyundai iLoad Factory Alarm Upgrade

The Hyundai iLoad comes with a factory transponder immobiliser, alarm system and keyless entry. But the alarm is rather basic so you may want to consider upgrading it if you keep valuables inside.

The factory alarm covers the doors and bonnet, however, it lacks any form of internal protection. It can also be disarmed by unlocking the drivers’ door with the key. Not really very effective if a window gets smashed or the lock gets picked!

Here’s a video showing the difference between the factory alarm and the Cobra AK4615.

Why is the factory alarm not very loud?

Half the reason the factory alarm is so quiet is the location of the horn. It’s in the engine bay, by the time the sound has echoed around and made its way out of the vehicle its lost about 50% of its volume.

I’ve simply wired the alarm up to the main horn (not the dedicated factory alarm horn) so combined with the Cobra siren it’s much louder.

Hyundai iLoad. In production since 2007

The install is super clean and uses the factory bonnet switch. Unlike most aftermarket iLoad alarm installs I’ve been critical about (See video) it can only be disarmed with the remote or the over-ride pin code.

Here are some photos of what you’ll see after the install:

Cobra Ultrasonics look factory fitted and protect the internal space of the van

The Cobra AK4615 has Ultrasonic internal movement protection as standard and they really look the part in the iLoad.

Cobra Control Panel LED is a clean fit

There are other alarm options of course, but the AK4615 is my pick if you want the best protection using the factory remote. A cheaper option would be the AB3868.

2 Button Remote

Up until early 2016, the iLoad only had a single button remote which I have never been a big fan of as it was not always clear if it had just been locked or unlocked. I’d probably prefer having a Cobra AK4698 with a separate remote, however, Hyundai has finally sorted this out.

The new one I worked on this week (28th June 2016) now has a 2 button remote.

June 2016 Updated key design

June 2016 Updated key design, so much better than the old one button remote key

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3 Responses to Hyundai iLoad Factory Alarm Upgrade

  1. Bryan says:

    Hi, I have a single button alarm. It is not working and I pkan to remove the factory alarm. My mine is the 1st generation. Can you give me a diagram on how to remove? Im from Philippine.

  2. Julian says:

    You’ll need to visit your local Hyundai dealer if you want a diagram.

  3. Julian says:

    Any alarm you install will rely on the door switches working. I’ve come across a number of them with faulty ones now so thought I’d share the part number if anyone needs to replace them.

    Part number: 93560 3B100

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