Hyundai i45 Upgrade Alarm

Hyundai i45 Alarm options

The 6th generation Hyundai Sonata is known as the i45 in New Zealand. It comes with a factory transponder immobiliser and keyless entry. If you want a decent alarm then an OEM upgrade is the obvious way to go.

Cobra AK4615 in PLIP Mode

If you are looking to improve on the factory alarm then I highly recommend the Cobra AK4615.

Whilst the i45 is not listed for CAN-BUS software it is still possible to install it in PLIP mode. If I have PLIP in brackets next to the model on the CAN-BUS vehicle listing page it indicates that it can still be installed without any issues.

Hyundai i45 Alarm

Hyundai i45 2009-2014

Here is a quick video of the AK4615 in action in the i45.

The AK4615 uses the factory bonnet switch. The Cobra digital battery backup wireless siren is hidden and horn honk is included.

All you’ll see after the install are the Ultrasonic sensors and LED over-ride switch.

Here are some photos of what you’ll see after the install:

Hyundai i45 alarm ultrasonic movement sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors in the i45

Hyundai i45 Alarm LED over-ride switch

NF Sonata 2004-2009

NF Sonata 2004-2009

The AK4615 also works with the previous generation Sonata NF (2004-2009) which also comes with factory keyless entry.

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