How good are the batterys in your battery backup siren?

The Siren Test!

The Siren Test!

The whole point of a battery backup siren is for it to continue to scream after the battery is disconnected.

As regular readers know, sirens are more effective if they are hard to access but even if they are hidden they still need to work!

I have decided it would be a good idea to put some of the different systems into a real-world test and encourage others to do the same.

The test is simple. Arm the alarm and disconnect the battery and see how loud the siren is. If you can capture this on video then even better. Also, an indication of the installation date would be good.

Cobra 4310 Siren

I’ll start off with the Cobra AK4147 in my Honda Beat. It has the same 4310 waterproof siren that comes with the AK4198, AK4138 and AK4218.

It was installed in September 2010 so is now four and a half years old.

Good to know it is still working as it should be. I have tested Cobra systems over 10 years old that are still good to have a huge amount of time for them.

Dynatron D7800 battery backup siren

This Dynatron D7800 got removed by me last week as the customer wanted to upgrade to a Cobra AK4615. Whilst I don’t know the install date I can confirm the build date which was stamped on the unit: 29 October 2009.

Sadly most Dynatron/Cyclops battery backup sirens I have tested fail miserably.

If you are going to get one of these then opt for the none battery backup versions.


This one dated May 2008 fitted in a high-risk R32 GTR Skyline. Easy to access and the alarm was on the default over-ride pin number so could be disarmed in seconds. To top it off the alarm was not even fused!

AVS C Series/Tytan CAN BUS

The AVS C Series siren was one of the most disappointing I have come across, the alarm was only a few months old and didn’t even make a squeak. I tweeted AVS to ask them about it but rather than respond they deleted their twitter account! I note that most other AVS sirens I have tested are not flash.

Mongoose M60G Siren

“Now that’s a name you can trust” Really?

The Mongoose M60 siren can also be turned off without the over-ride key!

No known install date for this one, but the three-button remote only came out in March 2009 so it can’t be any older!

Join in and test your own

If you have an alarm with a battery back-up siren and want to know if it still works (assuming it even worked in the first place) then feel welcome to test and send your video to me and I’ll post it here. If you know the install date then let me know that too.

I recommend disconnecting the battery negative terminal for the test, and if you have a digital siren then arm the alarm first.


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