Hornet 433H

By Directed Electronics

The Hornet 433H is an insurance standard alarm from Directed Electronics. It’s also a stock run out so is at a bargain price.

Designed for the Australian market it complies with AS/NZS 3749.1:2003 Class B. This means it would have been rated as a “4 Star” alarm under the now-defunct NZSA alarm rating system.

In other words, it’s an alarm with 3 immobiliser cuts, black wires along with a 6 tone standard siren.

It also has a built-in shock sensor and an AUX input so you can add an additional sensor if you require one.

Hornet 433H Insurance Standard Alarm

Hornet 433H alarm with triple immobiliser

Being a DEI product (Maker of Viper) it comes with the usual Auxillary outputs. This one has 3 AUX output channels. One is for the boot pop or and the other two can be custom programmed as I’ll explain below.

Alarm Features

I’ve just chucked this on the test bench and plugged a Bit Writer into the ESP port to see what it can do. All good installers should be familiar with their systems and there is nothing like having a play to get a feel for the alarm.

Note: The ESP port is only for programming so an ESP Digital battery back-up siren is not an option.

Hornet 433H plugged in for programming.

Bit Writer Programming Options:

Aux Channels 3 & 4:

  • Linked to Arm/Linked to Disarm/Linked to Arm & Disarm/No Linking
  • Validity (output for button press duration)
  • Latched on/off
  • Timed (Output time programmable fro 1 to 90 seconds)

The AUX output can also be controlled by pressing a combination of remote buttons.

There’s also heaps of other stuff that can be programmed with the Bit Writer.

The alarms over-ride PIN number can be customized which is nice. The alarm can also be locked to prevent unauthorised remote programming.

Most of the other features are the usual programming stuff so I’ll not waffle on about the full list.

Turbo Timer Mode

This simply allows the alarm to arm whilst an external turbo timer is still running. The Hornet requires the parking brake to be on for this to work which is a sensible feature I’ve not seen on any other alarms.

The timer can also be defeated by pressing unlock and AUX button together.

4 Button Remote:

Hornet 433H Remote

Hornet 474T Remote

Batteries: CR2032 (X1)

Frequency Range (MHZ) 433.92

The antenna is window mounted so expect excellent remote range. I don’t have any official range figures but I’d expect at least 20 meters.

Stock Clearance

I believe that Directed Electronics are retiring the Hornet brand. However, there should be no issues getting a replacement remote control when the time comes.

The 474T Hornet remote is simply another style of the 474V found with other Directed products explained here.

In other words, Viper remote controls are compatible.

Because it’s the end of line stock run out you also get a great price:

Installed Price: $460.00 (Limited Stock)

Note: Additional costs for adding Auxilary functions and features


  • Includes 2 x 4-Button Remote Controls.
  • Silent Arm / Disarm
  • Double Locking
  • Remote Adjustable Double Guard Shock Sensor
  • Multi-Tone Siren
  • Door, Boot and Bonnet Protection
  • Diagnostic and Status LED
  • 3 Point Immobilisation
  • Keyless Entry
  • Onboard Central Locking Relays / 6 Wire Interface
  • Dome Light Supervision (Option)
  • Hazard Light Flash
  • Boot Pop
  • Auxillary Channels (2 Programmable)
  • Turbo Timer Mode / Interface
  • Car Finder Mode
  • Panic Mode
  • Pin Code Over-ride
  • High-Security Disarm
  • Power Save Mode
  • Window Decals

Note: I’ve spotted heaps of mistakes in the feature list on other websites. Am I the only installer that actually knows (or cares) how these alarms work ?


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