Google doesn’t trust the NZSA either!

New Zealand Security Association

New Zealand Security Association

Bullshit Association


I’m sure some of you have heard the recent radio campaign where the New Zealand Security Association claim to be “professionalising the security industry” (If not click here to listen) yet the hard facts are that nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that that the only thing you can be sure of is that the “NZSA member” is a victim of the NZSA extortion racket.

All the NZSA claims about testing installers are total fantasy and I believe that most people are only members because they feel their business will suffer commercially if they do not pay up. I know I’ve certainly felt that way in the past!

So what is Professional about the NZSA?

Well, I certainly don’t consider the actions of Greg Watts (the NZSA executive officer) to be professional. I have emailed Greg asking him to front up and respond to my questions over the “Star rating system.” Yet Greg has either ignored my emails or taken over 7 weeks to reply!

Emails with untrustworthy content

Last week I received an email from Greg Watts informing me and other members that the police now have a “Stolen vehicle database”. Better late than never! I blogged about this last year! Yet when I went to click on the link which Greg had sent, the following came up:

NZSA lack of trust!

Seriously you would have thought that the man tasked with being the face of a “security association” would have enough competence to place a safe link into an email!

So to conclude, I don’t trust the NZSA, and it would seem that Google doesn’t trust them either.

Fortunately, it will soon be April and the NZSA will no longer be associated with the vehicle security industry. I tell you, it can’t come soon enough!

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