Fraudulent Alarm Installations!

2nd hand car alarm story

If there’s one thing worse then having your car or possessions stolen, it has to be getting ripped off by the person you pay to protect it for you.

This morning I got a phone call from a gentleman who had a 2005 Subaru Legacy. He had paid $523.25 for an alarm that he felt was not working correctly.

I suggested that he should take it back to the installer. It was under a year old and therefore still under warranty with them. He said he found them very hard to deal with and was intimidated by them, so I reluctantly agreed to give it the once-over.

Over $500.00 for a 2nd hand car alarm

Edited invoice to hide installers and customers details.

What I found was shocking, he thought he had a Cyclops P775 alarm/immobiliser. He is what I found:

Under the Bonnet

Secondhand Remac siren (Remac went out of business years ago!)

Under the bonnet was a super old siren made by Remac who are no longer in business, my guess is that the siren is well over 15 years old. There was no bonnet switch fitted either.

Behind the Dash

2nd hand car alarm

A Dynatron alarm module dated 2006

No effort to hide the alarm (not that many installers actually bother) and an alarm dated 2006. The unit is clearly second hand and is missing a screw in the case.

Inside the alarm module

Super old circuit board and missing immobiliser connections

2nd Hand Car Alarm!

Upon opening the alarm module I found that there was no glass break sensor connected and only one immobiliser cut (note the red ring highlighting the terminals. I also noted a super old circuit board which was so old that it had no provision for the transponder module. I think the internals pre-date 2006 but I’ll have to do some homework to confirm.

Super lazy effort fitting the LED!

I’ve suggested that the customer should go back to the company that “Supplied and installed” his alarm and demand a full refund. If they refuse then I’ve recommended taking them to the small claims court.


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