Ford Transit Custom Upgrade Alarm

The Ford Transit Alarm is Joke!

The factory alarm on the Ford Transit and Transit Custom is woeful.

It has no internal movement sensors and will disarm with both the driver’s door lock, which can be picked easily! Even the unlock switch on the inside door card disarms it.

In other words, the alarm disarms when the van is broken into using some of the most common methods!

So what does the Ford Transit alarm do?

The Ford alarm only has door, boot and bonnet protection. Assuming it is not tricked into being disarmed it will honk the alarm horn if triggered.

It’s worth pointing out that the alarm horn is not actually as loud the as main vehicle horn, it makes me wonder why Ford even bothers? On the bright side having two remote keys is better than nothing!

Factory alarm is terrible!

Making the Ford Transit Secure

The good news is that the Cobra AK4615 works with the factory remote and can’t be tricked into disarming without the remote.

Fortunately, the wiring can be modified so the back of the van is not unlocked if the driver’s door lock is forced or picked.

The AK4615 comes with Ultrasonic movement sensors as standard which protect the cabin area of the van.

Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors in the Ford Transit

I recommend adding a PIR sensor to the back of the van to cover the load area.

Flimsy Doors are super vulnerable!

The doors on the transit are very flimsy and there is a big problem with them being peeled open in the UK right now.

I don’t think it’s an issue in the NZ as yet but I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before it is!

Cobra LED Over-ride button in the Ford Transit

I would also suggest that internal sirens are a good idea in the transit. Micro-switches on the rear doors are also worth considering.

For anyone who has a Ford Transit as a courier van, I have a nice alarm option for that too.


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2 Responses to Ford Transit Custom Upgrade Alarm

  1. Avatar Dave Cochrane says:


    Getting a new Ford Transit Custom 340 LWB soon and will be carry around some tools – so interesting to read your summation of the factory security.

    What would be the damage to fit this out with the best possible secirity system ( still the Cobra AK4615 ? ) Cheers

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Dave,

    Yes I still recommend the Cobra AK4615 for the Ford Transit.
    Please use the contact form for a quote.


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