Ford Transit courier alarm

Some weeks ago I was approached by Capital City Ford who were keen to know what courier alarm options were available for the new shape Ford Transit van. They were interested in the idea of the Viper Passive Keyless Entry so I agreed to have a go and see what I could come up with.

I picked the new van up on Friday so I could have a play with it over the weekend and do some comprehensive testing. The result is a Viper 3606V alarm PKE combination.

Ford Transit with PKE

The 3606V was a simple choice as it supports double unlocking so unlocks both the front and back doors with a single press of the remote (the factory remote has selective unlock so you can unlock either the front of the back doors but not both together). It also had the 1502T Data battery back-up siren fitted and horn honk so is nice and loud.

How it works

The PKE is wired directly to the Viper 3606V via the D2d port and effectively becomes an additional remote for the alarm.

PKE proximity remote

PKE proximity remote

One of my gripes with the PKE is that it can drain the battery of the vehicle if left on over a few days. As this was a courier van I wired the PKE to turn on with the ignition, this way it does not put a drain on the van’s battery when it is sitting. The alarm chirps to confirm the PKE is now active.

The PKE will only lock the doors and arm the alarm if all the doors are shut and the proximity remote goes out of range. Alarm chirps are programmed as on for audible confirmation.

There are two proximity sensors fitted. One at the top of the windscreen and the other above the rear doors.

It is recommended that the proximity remote is placed on a lanyard around the driver’s neck, or placed in a breast pocket for optimum performance. The remote will get a better range through the glass rather than getting blocked by the metal bodywork.

PKE Sleep Mode

The PKE goes into sleep mode as soon as the brake pedal is pressed. This helps prevent any unwanted arming of the alarm should the remote fail to get picked up. It also helps preserve the battery life of the proximity remote. Opening any of the doors will wake up the PKE so its ready for action.

The alarm can still be armed/disarmed with the standard remote whilst the ignition is off. There is also the option of either the 7856V or the 7756V two way remote for added security.

Additional Options

The alarm has 4 programmable Auxiliary outputs for those who wish to add any customised features.

For those who do not require an alarm, it’s possible to just have the PKE installed on its own.

I also took the time to test some CAN-BUS alarms on the Transit and will be posting my findings in another post soon.

Main Features:

  • Full alarm with single remote
  • Hidden Digital battery back-up siren
  • Horn Honk on alarm trigger
  • Passive proximity arm/disarm lock/unlock with the engine running
  • Audible arm/disarm confirmation chirps
  • Starter Immobiliser


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