Ford Transit Cargo Alarm

I got my hands on a 2019 Ford Transit Cargo this week. That’s the big brother to the Transit Custom.

My first job was to test the factory central locking to see if the van had the updated firmware. In the past, the factory alarm would disarm if and the rear doors would unlock if the driver’s door barrel was picked! So much for deadlocks hey!

The good news is that this issue seems to have been fixed. I don’t think Ford NZ have any interest in updating the firmware on older vans, but hope I’m wrong about this. They failed to get back to me when I contacted them about it last year ­čÖü

I do have my own fix for this for those who don’t get any help from the Ford dealership.

Ford Transit Cargo Alarm

Is the factory Ford Transit Cargo alarm good enough?

Well, it has door boot and bonnet protection and honks the horn, but offers no internal movement sensor. You may want to consider an upgrade if you keep valuable tools in the back.

Making the Ford Transit Secure

My recommendation is the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm which works with the factory remote. It has a super loud siren and honks the horn so is much louder than the factory system.

The AK4615 comes with Ultrasonic movement sensors as standard to cover the cabin area of the van.

Ultrasonic movement sensors in the cabin

I recommend adding a PIR sensor to the back of the van to cover the load area.

Here are some photos of how the alarm looks after the install:

LED over-ride switch in the Transit


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2 Responses to Ford Transit Cargo Alarm

  1. Avatar Gary Yuill says:

    Hi, Are these alarms still the bees knees? I have a 2018 Ford Transit that is a trade van and it’s full of tools. Who installs these alarms or other alarms that are just as good in Tauranga?

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated.



  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Gary,

    I still recommend the AK4615. However, I can’t recommend any installers outside of Wellington as explained here:

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