Feckless “Security Feature” in NZ Performance Car magazine!

Inept Security Feature!

Unable to get even the basic facts correct!

The latest edition “NZ Performance Car” magazine contains a “Security Feature” which regular readers know will know I declined to splash out $1,500.00 to be part of!

Lazy Journalism

Now if there is one thing that gets my goat its lazy journalism. Normally I simply roll my eyes and ignore half the dross that our so-called reporters waffle on about! However, I’m not content to sit back knowing just how misleading this feature is.

I was actually hoping that the article would offer some sound advice. After all, most of the NZ performance car magazine’s readership will be quite impressionable and consider what is printed on the pages to be credible.

Given the phone call I received from their staff member who told me he was a huge fan of my blog and respected my efforts to raise standards, I did actually have some hope that some of my usual rants about the failed star rating system for alarms, would be included. Sadly my hope evaporated when I started to read the print!

So what is wrong with the feature?

Vehicle Theft on the Rise?

This is a direct quote from the above security feature.

“Vehicle theft is on the rise, in fact, current statistics say that 20,000 vehicles are stolen each year here in NZ”.

Below are the number of reported vehicle thefts for the past two years:

20,345  2010/2011

19,642 2011/2012

Note: Statistics are taken from the New Zealand Police, where the year ends in June. (Don’t ask me why June? as I have no idea!)

So whilst the “20,000” number was near enough it is still pretty clear that the number of thefts is actually down!

The New Zealand Security Association

Here’s what the “no name” reporter wrote about the New Zealand Security Association:

“Most brands will have a trusted network of installers nationwide and there’s also the New Zealand Security Association who guarantee their workmanship – check for their seal, stamp or logo.”


The NZSA quit their extortion racket claiming to represent vehicle security standards on the 1st of April 2012.

NZSA Member. Really?

NZSA Member. Really?

To make matters worse the pages following the feature contain adverts from Calvotech Installation and Street Soundz, both of which have adverts claiming to be members of the NZSA, I took the time to look at both of their websites and they make the same claims on-line too!

Street Soundz!

Another None NZSA member!


Mongoose NZ has an advert claiming “Mongoose is the only company to offer OEM fitment CAN-bus alarm systems for Toyota Models.”

This too is not true, I do plenty of work for the local Toyota dealerships and know for a fact that the only alarm Toyota officially approve is Cobra.

They have Cobra listed as a Toyota approved part on their computer systems and I often chat with the staff members about which alarms are available to them.

So why do they print crap?

Now I know that Parkside Media has no control over the claims on the adverts they print, but if the feature is really aimed at offering good honest advice to their readers, then surely they should point out that the vehicle security market is full of sharks who are quite happy to make false claims to make a sale.

Then again if they did that they would probably lose all their advertising revenue.

To finish up I’ll point out that on page 4 of Performance car magazine there is a small print disclaimer, part of which states:

“Parkside Media prints advertisements provided by the publisher, but gives no warranty and makes no representation to the truth.”

Given that the whole feature is little more than an advert this pretty much sums thing up!


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4 Responses to Feckless “Security Feature” in NZ Performance Car magazine!

  1. Nick says:

    WOW, you have got to be kidding me, now many people bother to read small print? most people are going to read this and take it for gospel as it comes from NZPC

    very sad at best, irresponsible and neglectful at worst.

  2. Julian says:

    I’m probably the first! The small print also says that “No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of the publisher” However as the previous statement said they print stuff which is not the truth I decided to ignore it!

    I was only looking there to see if I could find out the name of the tosser who wrote the advert feature.

    If they are going to make claims then surely they should back up where they got the information from? If not then it may as well be fiction!

    Just goes to show that most editorials fail to be impartial and are simply bullshit adverts for the highest bidder.

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