“Ever since you fitted the alarm…”

Ever since you fitted the alarm…

I’ve lost count of how many times an alarm has been the accused of being…

(fill in your own random complaint here)

…the reason things stop working on a vehicle.

Yet it nearly always turns out to be something else.

Here is the most recent one which I’ve had to deal with:

Alarm Problem

Hi Julian,

Just wanted to get in contact with you in regards to an alarm you installed in our vehicle.

Please see below previous correspondence we’ve had regarding this.

I’ve attached an invoice from an auto electrician who has identified the issue with the draining of the battery with the alarm.

I look forward to hearing your response on how to go forward from here to resolve the issue.

Thanks (Name edited)

I’m always skeptical when it comes to the work of 3rd parties. I’ve lost count of how many Auto Electricians have pointed the finger at the alarm yet fail to back it up with any solid evidence.

Take the above invoice for example:

Pull alarm fuse and leave the vehicle for 5 days = Must be the alarm.

It’s not exactly what I’d call an efficient use of time, and it’s certainly not best practice.

Doing a current draw test

So the alarm draws about 8mA. This is a super quick test to do and it is proof that the alarm is not the reason the car battery is going flat!

So what is happening with the battery?

I put the multimeter on the battery and had a quick look:

It’s pretty obvious that something on the Clock/Room fuse that is causing the battery to go flat.

So much of my job is trying to keep an open mind and not jumping to false conclusions. It’s satisfying to get a result, but also super frustrating to have to deal with these complaints. Sadly it happens far too often! 

I’m now making an effort to put more of these stories on the Trouble Shooting section of the blog. Hopefully, some people will read it and learn!

It did not take me 5 days to get to this stage and unlike the Auto Electrician who is probably not an alarm specialist, (well they have AVS listed on their website) I actually have some evidence. ?



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