Dynatron Pin Code Over-Ride

Dynatron PIN Code Over-ride


What do you do when your Dynatron remote is lost, or the battery is flat?

All Dynatron alarms/immobilisers come with a 4 digit security over-ride code.

Here is a You-Tube video that shows you how to enter the code:

For those of you astute enough to notice the video refers to “Cyclops” and the narrator has an Aussie twang to his voice. The reason for this is that Dynatron is imported from across the Ditch where it is indeed called Cyclops.

Here is the procedure in writing should you wish to print it:

* Turn ignition ON. red or Blue LED and or indicator lights will stay on.
* Turn ignition OFF. LED and or indicators will begin to flash. Count the flashes equal to the first number of your PIN. Then turn the ignition ON.
* Repeat step 2 for the remainder of your PIN
* System will disarm and LED/indicators will cease flashing after the last number of your PIN is entered. You can then start your vehicle immediately.

If you don’t have your code then I would suggest that contact either myself or Dynatron NZ and get a copy of it (You never know, you might just need it one day!)


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15 Responses to Dynatron Pin Code Over-Ride

  1. earle says:

    what info do you need to provide the four digit code as my code is long lost by some former owner…..

  2. Julian says:

    The PIN number can sometimes be found inside the immobiliser housing on a sticker placed on the relay.

    The unit should have been registered with Dynatron when it was installed. If you contact them with proof of vehicle ownership then they may well have your PIN number on file.

    If it was one that I have installed then I too keep a record.

  3. wolfgang bocker says:

    I just had a imobiliser XT-111 installed by “MISTER MINT PARKMORE” in
    Cheltenham, Victoria Australia. I was told that there where no PIN Number
    for this Model ? Can you please confirm. Many thanks.

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Wolfgang,

    I Suggest that you read your instruction manual. You should have been given one when it was installed. If you don’t have one then go back to Mister Mint.

  5. Fabes says:

    How do you override all together….dont have pin etc…car hasnt moved now in weeks…need to bypass

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Fabes,

    There is no master over-ride, this would defeat the whole point of having an immobiliser. You could remove or replace the unit but I’d suggest that you contact your local alarm specialist for help if you are not confident in doing this yourself. It would probably be a good idea to make sure the car battery has a good charge too.

  7. Fabes says:

    Thankyou mate

  8. Catherine says:

    Hi Julian,
    My daughter has lost the TX -11
    I have a spare clicker TX -11 in another part of the country. Is there anyway to read the PIN electronically. We have the Pin override info card but it does not have the 4 number code recorded on the the back. It has a serial number but this is 5 digits.

  9. Julian says:

    Hi Catherine,

    If the system was registered with Dynatron then they should be able to provide you with the PIN number so touch base with them. Not much else I can do unless the car is in Wellington.

  10. wendy tangaipu says:

    Hi i was wondering if by any chance you happened to have installed the alarm on my vehicle. Fomer owner did not give any code or paperwork for it. Am based in NZ Auckland

  11. Julian says:

    Hi Wendy,

    It’s unlikely given that I’m not in Auckland, I also have no way of knowing without the vehicle details.

  12. Brian says:

    I have a dynatron alarm in my car .I have only 1 remote .
    Can one be cloned from that our do I need to replace main unit or whole system

  13. Julian says:

    Hi Brian,

    I recommend getting a 2nd remote. These are easy to program to the alarm so long as you can disarm the alarm with either a working remote or the alarms over-ride code. The remote is not cloned as it is a rolling code alarm. The alarm needs to learn the remote.

    Please use the contact form if you wish to order one: http://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/contact/
    The remote comes with programming instruction.


  14. Richard Scrimshaw says:

    Hi there I have just bought a Mitsubishi Evolution 4 which has a cyclops sticker on the window and has the remote with tx-64t. I think it is il check when I get back to the house am I able to buy a second remote and can you check if my car is registered I’d like to find the 4 digit code for backup

    Richard Scrimshaw

  15. Julian says:

    Hi Richard,

    All of the remote controls I have available can be found here…

    I can’t say that I’ve come across a TX-64t remote before.

    In regards to the PIN Code, I keep a record of my own installations, but I do require proof of ownership before I can hand the details over. If it is not one of my installs then there will be no record/ I can however reset a new pin number.

    Either way, please use the contact form or give me a call if you’d like to go any further.

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