Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation


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I’ve just been informed that Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation. It’s not exactly breaking news as it happened on the 5th February! I’ve been a tad slack in posting about it.

Here’s the link to the Companies office…

The Dynatron NZ website is still up but the phone is not being answered.

Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation

So what does this mean if you have a Dynatron alarm?

Well if you have one of their (crap) Dynatron Digital alarms you’ll probably struggle to get spare parts or any support. I’ve never sold one personally as the product was too crap to be associated with! Dynatron Digital alarms were re-branding Kodinis Raktas alarms which they sold since 2013.

My suggestion is to either import your own parts directly or replace the alarm with a decent system.

Old Dynatron alarms are still supported

If you have a pre-2013 Dynatron alarm (see the logo at the start of the post) then relax. These were re-branded Dynamco alarms and are still available. I keep replacement remote controls for these.


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