Dumb car thief caught under poison arches!

Dumb Car Thief

It’s not that often that I enjoy hearing stories about a car getting stolen, but the following tale from last week put a huge smile on my face.

My customer (or should that be a future customer) was woken up by tyres squealing outside his Wellington home at 2 am in the morning. He got out of bed to discover that his Ute had been stolen, then promptly called the police.

Within an hour the Police spotted the Ute pulling into McDonald’s in Petone. They let the loser purchase his scabby food then nicked him on the way out!

Dumb Car Thief

All this because the sad tosser had to pull a skid as he sped off! As my customer pointed out when I installed an alarm from him the following week, he’d have slept through it otherwise!

Lovin’ it. Not the food or the crap spelling, or the fat clown for that matter. Just loving the work of the Wellington Police for a job well done. Thumbs up! ­čÖé


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2 Responses to Dumb car thief caught under poison arches!

  1. wang says:

    Excellent! now hope he got you to install a GPS tracker so he can follow the pricks should they try stealing it again and wait behind him at McDonalds and beat the living turds outta them after they have their measly last meal.

  2. Julian says:

    He gone for a Cobra AK4138 so I’d be confident the Ute won’t be going anywhere ­čÖé

    Step 1: Prevent the vehicle from being hotwired. (Immobiliser)
    Step 2: Make it annoying if someone tries to break in. (Alarm)
    Step 3: GPS so you know if someone tows it. (GPS Tracker)

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