DeadlockIn Automotive terms a deadlock prevents a car door from being opened from the inside when activated. From a security point of view this prevents a scum bag from opening a door from the inside after smashing a window.

Some vehicles will Automatically deadlock with a single press of the factory remote, where as others require you to press the lock button a second time to active the system. This method is also known as double locking and is supported by some alarms (Listed at the end of this post).

All Holden Commodores from the 1997 VT model onwards use the double lock method as shown in this video:

The Holden Commodore can also support an OEM upgrade alarm such as the Cobra AB3868 which be programmed to only arm the alarm when the dead locks are activated.

There are also a large number of European vehicles that have electronic deadlocking as standard.

This includes most modern vehicles from BMW, Audi, VW, Ford, GM (Europe) along with others. If in doubt if your car has this you could always read the owners manual!

Alarms that support double lock deadlocking: 

Note: If your vehicle does not already have electronic deadlocking it can not be retro fitted.

This post simply explains how it works and which alarms will work with the existing deadlocks.

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  1. Mark Homan says:

    Hi, I am trying to purchase a 2 door Deadbolt system for a 2 door convertible { Hot Rod]
    as the vehicle has no way of locking the doors. Needs to be remote operation

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Mark,

    This blog post is about deadlocks, if you have a sales enquiry then please use the contact form:


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