Cyclops KE11 Keyless Entry System



Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

The KE-11 (Also known as a KE-CLR-TX-90) is a simple keyless entry system made by Dynamco which has a quality feel to it. The remote controls look like the sort of thing you would expect on a new car. Easy to operate and has a lock and unlock button.

Cyclops KE11

Cyclops KE11 Keyless Entry System

The system flashes the indicators and a red LED flashes when the car is locked assuming that the ignition is off.

Optional Extras:

A: Boot pop is an option which is operated with an extended press of the unlock button as shown in the video below.

B: Remote window closure can be activated by pressing the lock button a second time after locking the doors, but this will require extra parts on most vehicles.

Note: Options A & B are not available together, it’s either one or the other.

The following video shows how boot pop works with a KE11 in a Mazda MX5:

RRP: $300.00

Replacement Remote Controls: $85.00 each
Remote Battery # CR2016 (x2)



  • Two Remotes
  • Red LED
  • Indicator Flash Confirmation


  • Boot Release
  • Window Closure
  • 1 minute 45-second re-lock if the door is not opened upon unlocking
  • Ignition controlled door locking
  • 25 Second Indicator output upon unlock

Note: The KE-11 remote shares the same shell as some Ford and Mazda remote controls. Whilst they look similar they cannot be programmed to work with the factory Mazda system.

However, it is more cost effective to get a new KE-11 installed then getting a replacement remote from your local dealership.


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