As with all products, I like to give them a good test to get to know how they work, this way I find out about any potential problems before I install them.

The VGS MK III smoke machine is one such system that I’d been itching to play with, damn I love my toys, but this was one toy that was not going to be simple!

Fog MachineThe first problem was that Autowatch NZ (The supplier) had no wiring instructions so were unable to sell me one! I did my homework and finally got hold of a wiring diagram from the UK (where they are made) along with pricing for refillable replacement canisters ­čÖé

How the Fog Machine Works

The main unit (Pictured above) heats up and vaporises liquid which is fed by a tube attached to a pressurised canister to produce smoke. The duration time can be adjusted and it is wired to detonate should the vehicles alarm trigger, or door open etc depending on how it is installed.

Fog Machine Test Time…

The Obsessive Go-Kart was always going to be a challenge. Space is very tight in such a small car and running cables is always a major time consumer. To make things more interesting the VGS MK III pulls 60 Amps (without the car running) and the Beat has a battery the size of a hamster and wiring that would look more at home on a door bell!  This proved to be a problem as the unit shuts down if the voltage drops to much!

I ended up having to beef up most of the Beats earthing to get around this issue which ended up adding about half a day to the install ­čÖä

The good news is that if I can install it into the Beat then most other vehicles should be fine :mrgreen:

Knowing how loud the Cobra alarm is in the Beat I decided that it would be a good idea to have the option of triggering the smoke via cell phone, this way I can demo it without being to annoying! The Obsessive GPS unit takes care of this.

Here’s the video: (Roof left down for a giggle!)



RRP: 899.00 (Includes installation)

Obsessive Rating: Probably enough to Freak out most scumbags!

Be warned, this is so much fun that you’ll want your alarm to get set off!



Positive and Negative trigger inputs.

Adjustable Smoke Time

Status LED

3 Minute Accessory output for siren or pager

15 Smokes per canister (Based on 20 second smoke time)

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3 Responses to Credex VGS MK.III

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  2. Paul Davenport says:

    Hi, I’m after the refillable smoke canisters you talk about. What are its dimensions? Height, diameter etc. Are they the same as the Pea Soup ones?? Are they in stock & what do you charge for them?? I may be needing 8 of them.

    Cheers, Paul.

  3. Julian says:

    Main body diameter is 66mm
    Total Height 260mm
    Height to neck 216mm
    Head/neck diameter 35mm Note the valve protrudes further bit does not exceed the body diameter.

    I’ve emailed you pricing.


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