Cobra Siren Tested to the Limit…

Cobra Siren Waterproof Test

Cobra Siren Waterproof Test

New Zealand Product Range

Sometime ago I recall being told that a Cobra alarm siren would survive for 10 minutes under water. This struck me as an impressive boast, however, nobody could confirm if this claim was true or not so I decided to challenge Cobra NZ to let me test one for myself.

I was expecting them to say no (and who could blame them if they did), however, Cobra NZ obliged and gave me a free one to test!

Anyway enough of the talk. Here’s the Video.

This siren comes as standard on the following Cobra alarms:


All of the above alarms have the options to support adding a second siren as an internal screamer (or external), and it can also be added to the AK4615.

If any other alarm suppliers wish to donate a siren to test then you know the address…

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4 Responses to Cobra Siren Tested to the Limit…

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  3. Julian says:

    Well this AVS siren clearly won’t pass any test!

    Moist AVS siren. Even comes with a warning!

  4. serge says:

    Hello , i am french, i have two cars a suzuki jimny with a cobra 3198 since 2004 and a peugot 206 sw with a cobra g193 since 2007, i connect a horn on the flash with a relais when the alarm goes of the siren and the double horns go. i program that the flash are no active when i armed the system. the sound is very very loud and personal.My next modification connect a internal piezo siren with a temporised relais.The peugeot have one since 2 months very difficult to stay in the car when the alarm goes of. Excuse me from my approximativ english , i ‘m just french …lol

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