Cobra Remote: How to test and change the batteries

Do you need to change your Cobra Remote Battery?

All Cobra remote controls take one CR2032 Battery. I recommend changing your Cobra remote battery after about 3 years, but if your remote has stopped responding, or the range has dropped then you can do a simple test to see if the battery is still good.

The following video shows how to check if your battery is good in your Vodafone Automotive/Cobra alarm remote. Not that the test is the same for the Padlock style remote.

This test also works on the 2 button padlock remote as well as the 3 button padlock remote.

Cobra Remote Controls

Cobra Padlock Remote and G Series Remote (Same remote just different cases)

Opening the remote

The Padlock remote has a couple of small slots which a small flat blade screwdriver can fit in to prize the remote open:

Opening a Cobra remote

Use a small flat blade screw diver to open

Access the remote battery with a screwdriver

Work it open from both ends

I find the G series Remote is easy to open by running your fingernails around the edge of the case.

opening your cobra remote

The G Series remote found with the AK4698 can be opened with your fingernails.

Once opened the battery is easy to access. All remote controls take a CR2032.

I keep replacement cases both of the G series and the Padlock remote. If you want to change which style case you then the internals are transferable. Cases are $25.00 each.

Details about the old AT-7777 Remote can be found here…

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