Cobra Drivers Card

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

With more and more cars having Immobilisers these days the easiest way to take a car is with the keys.

The Cobra Drivers Card is designed to protect your vehicle even if the car keys and remote are stolen.

It can be programmed to the Cobra AK4198, AKG198, AK4138, and AK4147, as well as the soon to be released new generation of Cobra alarms. Details of which will be available later in the year.

How the Cobra Drivers Card Works

Every time you turn the Ignition on the alarm will look to see if the Drivers Card is in range. If it is seen within 30 seconds then the alarms warning buzzer will beep once to say all is good. The alarm will also look for the Drivers Card every time the driver’s door is open to protect against getting Hijacked.

What happens if you don’t have the Drivers Card?

If the card is not in range, then the buzzer will start beeping to warn you that the card has not been detected. At this stage, the alarms remote control has already been blocked by the alarm. You have a further 30 seconds to enter the first two digits of your over-ride code.

Here’s a You Tube clip featuring the Obsessive Go-Kart which shows what happens in such an event:

The Obsessive Go-Kart also contains the Cobra 4310 internal digital battery back-up siren and Stealth PS Tracking which is the reason why my cell phone starts ringing.

Once the alarm has sounded the only way to recover the car is with the full over-ride code or with the Drivers Card.

Cobra Drivers Card


Cobra Drivers Card

Obsessive Rating: Fantastic.

Very easy to live with and damn effective when needed. Small enough to fit in your wallet and requires no action other than having it in range.

Battery life is about 2 years with normal use.

RRP: $100.00

Leather Case: $30.00

I no longer drive off and leave my wallet in the house which is an added bonus as I’ve always got money for a Coffee 🙂

Update: The following post explains how the ADR card works with the AK4698 and the AK4615.

Cobra ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)

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10 Responses to Cobra Drivers Card

  1. charlotte says:

    I don’t get it….are you driving over the speed limit?

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Char,

    You of all people should know I never speed! I’m Simply showing what happens if you take my car without the Drivers Card. Speeding is against the law, besides which I couldn’t really go for it as I was only driving with one hand. The other one was holding the camera! 😉

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  7. Adel says:

    I installed a cobra 4615 alarm on my Skoda fabia RS, and i both, in letter stage, two driver card.
    After the programed procedure, the alarm detects the two driver card but when I try to test it nothing happen the buzzer doesn’t start beeping to warn.
    Also when I press the driver card button (switch) the alarm beep twice and nothing happen.
    Can you help me?
    Nb: my English is very poor I apologize

  8. Julian says:

    Hi Adel,

    Why are you not asking this question to whoever sold you the alarm? As an installer I take care of the fitting, programming and after sales support. In exchange for this service I get paid! Take the hint and don’t be so cheap…

  9. Adel says:

    Hi Julian,
    Thank you for your advice and quick response.
    I will ask the question to the installer.

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