Cobra Alarm PIN Code Disarm

All of the current range of Vodafone Automotive, Cobra alarms feature an easy to enter over-ride PIN number to disarm the alarm in the even of a remote failure.

The PIN code is 4 digits which can be custom programmed to a number of the owner choice (remembering that there is no such digit as “0”).

The Video below shows how to enter the Cobra PIN code over-ride number:

Cobra PIN code over-ride

The Pin Number is also required to program new remote controls to the alarm which makes all Cobra alarms safe from remote cloning.

Cobra PIN code over-ride card to be kept in a safe place.

Cobra PIN code card to be kept in a safe place.

Full Instructions

a) Open driver’s door.

b) Enter alarm 4 digit Pin number one number at a time:

– The alarm buzzer and LED will sound/flash once at the completion of each number **

– Repeat for remaining 3 numbers.

c) Correct Pin Code sounds a long beep/LED flash. **

– Alarm disarms

Note: ** The following Cobra alarms feature an alarm buzzer: AK4147, AK4198, AK4138. For all other alarms watch the flash on the LED on the control panel for confirmation.

These instructions work with the following Cobra alarm systems which have all been available in NZ:

  • AB3868
  • AK3198
  • AK3193
  • AK4147
  • AK4138
  • AK4198
  • AK4218
  • AK4615
  • AK4625
  • AK4698
  • AK4908
  • AK4918.

Older Cobra Alarms

These are Cobra alarms that do not have an over-ride button. The pin number is entered by cycling the ignition on and off and counting the LED flashes. Generally, this works for alarms that use the 4T7777 remote (3100 series being the exception)

  • AB7928  (Also requires a working touch key)
  • 8185 / 8186 /8188 (Factory fitted on Lotus Elise/Exige)
  • 4622 (Lotus Esprit & Series 1 Lotus Elise) * (PIN code not required for remote coding, but you’ll need a working touch key)

No Pin Code?

Part of my job as an approved Cobra – Vodafone Automotive installer is to register every install upon completion. This is held on a Secure database where the vehicle can be searched for via both the Rego or the VIN number.

The system relies on the installer entering the data, be it one of the approved installers found on the Cobra NZ Website or a Toyota dealership who also install Cobra to their vehicles.

What do I need to release a PIN number?

First I’ll require your details and proof of vehicle ownership. If you are one of my customers then I will have a personal record of the install too so it will be quick and easy. It’s an after-sales service I do not charge for.

If it is not one of my installs I’ll have to Contact Cobra NZ and wait until I get a reply. This system does depend on the alarm being registered when fitted.

Failing that I’ll require the alarms serial number so I can put a request to Vodafone Automotive.

Please Note: I have to charge for this service as it takes up a significant amount of my time.

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12 Responses to Cobra Alarm PIN Code Disarm

  1. Marko Markovski says:

    I have purchased Cobra 4615 and I got pin code which I would like to change by myself. Please tell me how to enter a new one. Also they told me NOT to by back up siren because original one will continue to sound in the event of cutting the battery power ???
    I am not sure of that and I think I need Digital Battery Back-up Siren.
    Thank You very much in advance for Your Answer.

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Marko,

    Your installer should have given you a user manual that comes on a CD. The instructions for changing the PIN number are contained there. If you don’t have the CD then ask the installer why they failed to give you a user manual!

    The whole point of a battery back-up siren is for it to sound if the battery is disconnected!
    Your installer is clearly a Muppet!

  3. Marko Markovski says:

    Thanks a lot for your answer. I have found pin customization procedure on the CD but it requires to connect a blue wire to ground and then continue with the procedure so it needs to be done by the installer and I will enter a new pin.
    Regarding the siren, kit do contains Wireless back-up battery siren and installer claims that it will sound even if the battery is disconnected. I am not sure of that so that is the reason I asked should I buy another one ( picture from your link differs from the picture from this site )

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Marko,

    As an installer part of my job involves explaining to each customer how the alarm system works. This includes things like changing the PIN number and answering any questions.

    Why are you not going back to who ever sold you the alarm with these questions?

  5. Nishant Sindhwani says:

    Sir I forgot my pin code and remote I buy new remote but need pin to program , how to reset to default pin sir ?

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Nishant,

    There is no reset. The only way to change the PIN number is if you have a the existing PIN number which is so the system can not be cheated. If you have the alarms serial number then you could try and contact Cobra for assistance.

    I see you’ve also asked on my Facebook and You Tube channel, one attempt at contacting me is enough so please don’t do this again or you’ll get blocked.

  7. Saiful Azman says:

    Hi julian,

    Last week i have lost all my keys with the remote my car.
    My car come with standard key immobiliser and separate alarm system this is COBRA alarm. But gladly i have a spare keys with the alarm remote. But im afraid if someone can disarm my car with the lost key. Should i change the alarm system ? Im really love this alarm. Because im careless i lost my key. Please advise.

  8. Julian says:

    Hi Saiful,

    There is no need to change the alarm system. Go to your local Cobra dealer and get the remote re-coded. This will delete the stolen remote from the system. I’d recommend getting a spare at the same time.
    Note: You’ll need your alarms over-ride PIN number for this to be done.

  9. pete says:

    hi Julian
    i have recently had to disconnect the battery on a citroen dispatch van , and since then the cobra alarm is constantly activated , i have tried to enter the code as per instructions but it wont re set. there is no seperate remote as it was fitted by main agent so it is built into the existing key .i would be very grateful if you have any advice on how to re set it many thanks pete

  10. Julian says:

    Hi Pete,

    There is not much I can do for you without having access to the van. I’d suggest finding someone in the UK to help, paying for my time and a return flight from New Zealand is not going be very cost effective for you.

  11. shane norton says:

    Hi ive got a cobra 3865 fitted to my toyota hilux
    For some reason It keeps going off on really cold nights
    Could you please tell me how much you charge to find out what the pin number is
    so I can turn it off
    Regards Shane

  12. Julian says:

    Hi Shane,

    The PIN number will not stop your alarm from arming. I suggest that you read the post about the fault codes to find out why the alarm is going off.

    If you need the PIN code then please use the contact form as the blog is open to the public.

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