Cobra AK4698 Movement Sensor Deactivation

The following instruction explain how to disable the ultrasonic volumetric sensors and additional movement sensor on a Cobra AK4698

Note: The Additional movement sensor is an option and is to standard equipment.

The Ultrasonic Volumetric Sensor protection must be disabled any time you leave somebody or an animal in the vehicle.

If you want to leave any window opened please disable the protection to avoid false alarms. All other protections remain active.

Normal Arming (1 Press of Button A)

Arm the system pressing the “A” push button of the remote control. The hazard lights will flash twice (the siren will also beep twice if audible arming is programmed) and doors will lock.

The alarm has a 28-second delay before it is fully active. During this time you can isolate (turn off) the various sensors.

Vodafone Automotive alarm remote

Two Button AK4698 Remote

Ultrasonic Volumetric Sensors Off/Additional Sensor On

Pressing button “A” a second time deactivates the volumetric protection (Ultrasonic sensors)

The deactivation is confirmed by one flash of the direction indicators and one beep.

Ultrasonic Volumetric Sensors On/Additional Sensor Off

Pressing button “A” a third re-activates the volumetric protection (Ultrasonic sensors) whilst deactivating the optional additional sensor (e.g. P.I.R movement sensor or Tilt Sensor).

The deactivation is confirmed by two flashes of the direction indicators and two beeps.

Ultrasonic Volumetric Sensors Off/Additional Sensor Off

Pressing button “A” a fourth time deactivates both the volumetric protection (Ultrasonic sensors) and the additional sensor.

The deactivation is confirmed by three flashes of the direction indicators and three beeps.

Cobra Remote instructions

Optional Padlock Remote

Note: The selected sensors will remain disabled for the one arming cycle.

They will be automatically restored at the next arming.

Pressing Button “A” after the 28 Second arm period has ended will either activate Car Finder Mode.  Or activate the Panic Alarm feature depending on programming.

These instructions also work with the Cobra AK4615 with a Cobra Remote Programmed.

Here’s a video demonstration:

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