Cobra AK4218 Toyota Upgrade Alarm

Update 28th May 2019

I have finally sold my final AK4218 so can no longer offer this system.

The Vodafone Automotive AK4615 will now be offered as an alternative.

The AK4218 is a Toyota upgrade alarm from Cobra which is designed exclusively for Toyota models that have a remote key.

It replaces the discontinued AK4147 and is very similar to the brilliant Cobra AK4198. The main difference being is it works with the Toyota remote, rather than a Cobra remote.

The great thing with the AK4218 is how it works. Where other upgrade alarms monitor the vehicle’s central system to arm/disarm, the AK4218 reads the Toyota remote signal.

This makes the alarm more user-friendly as a second press of the lock button can disable the Ultrasonic Sensors. A third press can disable the optional PIRTilt sensor, Reed switch, or a Microwave Sensor. Great for those times when you want to leave a window open or take the vehicle on a ferry for example.

The AK4218 comes with the excellent 4310 waterproof battery back-up siren and supports horn honk so is super loud.

The alarm will only work with Toyota models that have a traditional remote key, so if you have a model with proximity locking and push to start then the AK4615 would be my suggestion.

Alternatively, contact me with your vehicle details and I’ll get back to you with some options.

A full list of compatible Toyota models can be found at the bottom of the post.

The Ultimate Toyota Upgrade Alarm

Toyota Car Alarm

Cobra AK4218

RRP: $700.00

Obsessive Rating: Perfection!

Full control via the factory remote with better function control than most CAN-BUS alarms.

OVERVIEW Features:


For post-2004 Toyota’s with a two, three or 4 button remote key

PDF icon4218 User Manual

Confirmed to work with the following Toyota vehicles:

All the above I have personally tested. If you have Toyota that is not on the list then I’d be more than happy to test and see if it will work with the AK4218.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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15 Responses to Cobra AK4218 Toyota Upgrade Alarm

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  5. Chris says:

    Hi can you tell me if this alarm is still available? I looked for it on the Cobra website but it doesn’t look like it’s there anymore….

    I’m after a basic (decent) alarm for a 2005 Toyota Fielder. I currently have a autowatch 446RiSG in my old car and was considering getting it transferred to my new car. But it would be quite cool to have the alarm run off the factory remotes.

    Another question – my car has some smart lock remote which means if I’m close to the drivers door and try to open the car it will open. I guess whatever alarm I install that would need to be disabled?

    I’m actually in Auckland. Do you come north much?

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Chris,

    Yes the AK4218 is still a current model, I installed one on a Toyota Hilux this morning.

    It does not work with Toyota’s that have proximity locking, however the AK4615 is another option if you have a proximity key. (I’m assuming you have an O/E system).

    I’ve already done my Auckland tour for this year. Will probably do another one in 2016, but will have to book in enough work up that way to make the time and travel worth my while.

    If you can’t wait that long then you are more then welcome to head down to Wellington.


  7. Ryan says:

    hey Julian
    Just wondering if the ak4218 would be available in Australia, because i contacted cobra in Aus and they dont recognise that number.
    Also just after more info on how the alarm uses the factory remotes as you say “the AK4218 reads the Toyota remote signal” does it just hook up to the vans reciever module? or it uses the remotes frequency

  8. Julian says:

    Cobra alarms are not sold in Australia.
    The is not an official Cobra dealer and it is a fraudulent website so be warned!

    The alarm is hard wired to the receiver module.

    Please note that I do not offer sales or support outside of New Zealand.

  9. Car Alarms Essex says:

    Hello Julian

    What is the difference between the A4615 and the AK4218?

    We only have the A4615 in the UK!

    Good blog by the way..

  10. Julian says:

    Hello Car Alarms Essex,

    I’m trying not to sound sarcastic but “read the blog post you just commented on as it explains how it works” 😛

  11. Harry says:

    Hi Julian I have a 99 toyota supra with a mongoose m60g alarm fitted about 8 yrs ago now lookin to upgrade to something up to date that has smart fone capabilities meaning the fone can also be used to arm disarm plus other functions what is out there for my car and by the way I have had no probs with my alarm only flat battery on remote twice however the last time I replaced the battery I still had a problem disarming it so I got help from AA which was a easy fix however I had it tuned up by a very reputable garage in Dunedin on picking up the car the mechanic told me had no horn but on arrival home I also could not use the remote took it back to them and another mechanic looked at it what i think happened was the firts mechanic pulled the bullets out to disarm it and plugged wires back wrong which caused it to blow 2 fuses horn and flasher which disabled the alarm including engine immoblelisor hence I was back to using the key entry which brings to mind if you pop the correct fuses will that disarm all alarms if so would this defeat the whole purpose of an alarm

  12. Julian says:

    Hi Harry,

    I see that you are in Dunedin so I’m not able to make any recommendations.
    This post explains why:

    If you are coming to Wellington at any stage then let me know.


  13. Harry Tutaki says:

    Hi Julian
    Thanks very much for the most valuable info my intentions is to go back to the original installer when I get time and talk to them about my options n concerns U present some very good blogs on here which makes very good reading regards

  14. Brandy Carter says:

    Hi. Stumbled across this page whilst shopping/making decisions for alarm for my recently acquired Toyota Ractis 2010. I’m a dumb ol gal where all things auto are concerned. I specifically want alarm with good glass break sensor, having had tiny little triangular glass broken in previous vehicle. But economical $. Hope you’re still ‘out there’ and well. Regards, B

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