Cobra 3 button remote now available.

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

I’ve finally got my hands on a Cobra 3 button remote today and am pleased to say that it works with the AK4698. as well as the (now discontinued) AK4147 which I have on the Honda Beat. The AKG198 and a version of the AK4138.

The remote has, lock, unlock and boot open buttons.

Previously the boot pop function required pressing both the lock and unlock buttons together at the same. This was rather tricky if you had anything in your hands that you wanted to place in the boot!

3 Button Remote

As with all current Cobra alarms, double tapping the lock button will allow the alarm to arm with the ultrasonics disabled. A third press will disable the AUX 2 input which can be used for a tilt sensor.

Like the two-button version, it’s waterproof and hard-wearing and comes with a decent-sized keyring hole so won’t fall apart like the AVS waterproof remote.

Cobra 3 button remote

Cobra 3 Button Remote

I’ll leave you with a quick video showing the boot pop in action along with must be one of the smallest boots ever!

I’ll update this and when I know what other Cobra alarms it will work with.

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2 Responses to Cobra 3 button remote now available.

  1. Moshe Gitler says:

    I looking for a cobra remote control case since mine is broken. I’m looking for the 2 or 3 buttons.

  2. Julian says:

    To state the obvious; the two button case is not suitable for the three button remote internals, neither will the three button case work with the two button internals.
    If you just want a case so you can pretend you have a Cobra alarm then it’s not a problem ­čśŤ There are some strange people out there!

    Please note that I do not offer international sales and that you’ll need to use the Contact form to place an order.

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