Charlatan Cobra Alarms in Australia!

Cobra Alarms Australia?

Cobra Alarms Australia

New Zealand Product Range

If you live across the ditch (Yep I’m referring to you Australians) then you should be aware that Cobra is not officially available over there.

Be warned the following website:

I have spoken to Vodafone Automotive (Cobra) in Italy who have confirmed that they do not supply alarms to Australia.

Fake Cobra Alarms Australia!

Cobra Alarms Australia

Cobra Alarms Australia = A Deceptive Website

The Website uses an old Cobra logo from the 1980’s and looks reasonably legitimate to the untrained eye.

Theft occurs ever 30 seconds!

Ironic words seeing that this Australian is taking part in fraud! If the owner of the website was being honest it should say “deception happens every time I make a sale!”

Not Cobra Alarms in Australia!

The first clue is the lack of any official Cobra products. There are no photos of alarms or remotes and the model numbers are either fake or obsolete. The rest of the website is simply fluffy words.

Dishonest Tosser based in Sydney

If anyone knows the identity of the owner of this website then please let me know and I’ll publish it here. In the meantime, I’m about to share this on Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to expose the site and hopefully shut it down. I know that I get a large number of visits from Australia so hopefully, this will prevent some of you from getting ripped off!

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2 Responses to Charlatan Cobra Alarms in Australia!

  1. Malcolm Wiley says:

    Hi I have an E30 M3 with a cobra7928 alarm immobiliser fitted which I believe is affecting the vehicle’s ignition. Do you know of any reputable repairer or remover in Queensland? Failing that a wiring diagram to enable an auto electrician to remove the system. Thanks in advance Malcolm Wiley

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I only cover wellington NZ and do not have a list of international installers as explained here…

    Wiring diagrams are confidential.

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