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Because not all alarms can be the best, despite what everyone else claims!

Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

You’re after the Best Car Alarm, so why do I not recommend the “Big Names”? Here is a recent email which is all too common: Message: Hi, have been reading through some of your posts and see that you have flawed … Continue reading

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Car Alarm/Immobiliser Removal

Car Alarm and Immobiliser removal is one of my specialties. Whilst I would rather install quality systems, there are a huge number of crap unreliable car alarms out there, many of which I have reviewed and suggest should be avoided at … Continue reading

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AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm update….

In November last year, I reviewed the AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm and expressed my concerns about how poor their so-called digital battery back-up siren was. I contacted AVS to ask them if the siren really was digital as claimed, or … Continue reading

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AVS “5 Star” defeated in seconds.

Last week I posted a video of a Uniden “5 Star” alarm that I disarmed in seconds without using the remote as it was left on the default PIN code. Today I was asked to look at an AVS S5 … Continue reading

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Uniden “5 star” alarm defeated in seconds!

Note: I do not sell or recommend Uniden alarm systems or remote controls I’ve just checked the Uniden website and they still claim that the VS2600XR is a 5 Star alarm approved by the New Zealand Security Association. Misleading Claims … Continue reading

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Budgeriguard M5

It really makes me want to vomit when I see how many companies have continued to run with the “Shit 5 Star Car Alarm” spin, even though the safety bubble that was the NZSA has been well and truly burst! … Continue reading

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Dead Car Alarms!

If you have a Meridian alarm and would like it to be removed then I’m more than happy to RIP it out of your car free of charge for anyone purchasing a new alarm. Continue reading

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