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Warlock WAR3500

I could do a review of the WAR3500 by warlocks, but I’d just be repeating what I said about the Steal Shield SS440. Why? Simple it is exactly the same alarm which has simply been re-branded! This week I got … Continue reading

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Warlocks – Cowboy Alert!

Warlock Alarms are about a dodgy as it gets! In a previous post, I mentioned that Warlocks were using “Obsessive Vehicle Security” as a keyword on their website. Of course, I’m flattered by the gesture. However, I am concerned that … Continue reading

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Warlocks! Monkey see… Monkey Do…

Now I take a keen interest in what is posted on the Web about Obsessive Vehicle Security. It has recently come to my attention that Warlocks Vehicle Security have added “Obsessive Vehicle Security” as a key word to their website. … Continue reading

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Misleading Star Ratings!

Warlocks, the company promoting what I consider to be a very misleading star rating system got placed into liquidation on the 27 May 2009. The Website however is still (date of this post) running! Be Warned! Continue reading

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