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Uniden car alarm reviews….

Uniden “5 star” alarm defeated in seconds!

Note: I do not sell or recommend Uniden alarm systems or remote controls I’ve just checked the Uniden website and they still claim that the VS2600XR is a 5 Star alarm approved by the New Zealand Security Association. Misleading Claims … Continue reading

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NZSA Meeting… Friday 20th May!

Finally I have had confirmation that there will be a meeting for the Vehicle Security Group of the NZSA. True to his word, Greg Watts has invited me to attend and has offered a free lunch (as if there is … Continue reading

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Fitting a good car alarm is like playing hide and seek, the fat kid always has a huge disadvantage. So whilst the Uniden and the Mongoose may be the McDonalds of the car alarm world (Common, cheap and mass produced) I’d prefer a healthier option. Continue reading

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Given this I would have to say that Unidens claims are somewhat misleading. Anyone claiming that it is Impossible to defeat an alarm either has their head buried in the sand or is talking utter crap. Continue reading

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