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Subaru Impreza Upgrade Alarm

The 3rd generation Subaru Impreza was released in 2007. It addressed most of the security vulnerabilities of the previous generation car. All models now come with a factory immobiliser and the pillar-less windows are gone. Some models even have a … Continue reading

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Subaru Impreza such an easy target!

It’s not often you get to catch a scum bag attempting to steal a car on camera. Watching this Subaru theft attempt it’s shocking to see just how easy it is for them. Pillar-less windows such as the ones on … Continue reading

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GT86 Alarm Installation

The Toyota GT86 is one of those cars that I’ve been itching to work on, so when I got the call from the local Toyota dealer before Xmas advising me I’d have one to work on in the new year … Continue reading

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Subaru Legacy High Risk

According to figures from the New Zealand Police, the Subaru Legacy has topped the list of the most stolen car for the past 4 years. Interestingly enough the Nissan Silvia which has come 1st in the AA’s list for the … Continue reading

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Subaru Immobiliser

Up until 2003 Subaru’s were a fairly easy target and were constantly up there in the list of most stolen cars. However since Subaru introduced a factory fitted Immobiliser and Microdots in to all NZ vehicles produced after March 2003 things have changed.

The statistics from Australia show that Subaru theft has dropped by over 90% on post 2003 models. It would be fair to assume that the same could be said of NZ new Subaru’s which also feature the same security, but due to the high number of Japanese Imports on our roads which may or may not have an Immobiliser it is not possible to collect the data. Continue reading

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