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Viper 515R Battery Back-up Siren

The 515R is a battery back-up siren from Viper. It’s one of those sirens that I’m not a big fan of as it has an over-ride key. That said it does have a decent internal battery and the keys are … Continue reading

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How good are the batterys in your battery backup siren?

The whole point of a battery backup siren is for it to continue to scream after the battery is disconnected. As regular readers know, sirens are more effective if they are hard to access but even if they are hidden they … Continue reading

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Viper Sirens. The Good the Bad and the Muppets!

One of the annoying things about running a security business in NZ is that most products come via Australia which means that the Aussies dictate what we have access to here. Viper is no exception to this. The two thing … Continue reading

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Viper 516U & 516L Voice Siren

Viper Voice Sirens – A Great way to customise your alarm Both the 516U and 516L offer verbal arm and disarm confirmation for your alarm and can be set to say either “Viper Armed, Viper Disarmed” or “System Armed”, “System … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4615 siren testing.

The Cobra 4310 siren has been in a league of its own for as long as I can remember. Not only is it horribly loud, it has an internal battery pack that still works many years after getting installed (most … Continue reading

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Mongoose 5 Star alarm siren. Epic Fail!

It’s no secret that I have no respect the “5-star alarm” rating system. It sickens me to see that Mongoose and others are still plugging it. Everyone in the industry is aware that it is a misleading guide designed only to … Continue reading

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Cobra Siren Tested to the Limit…

Cobra Siren Waterproof Test Sometime ago I recall being told that a Cobra alarm siren would survive for 10 minutes under water. This struck me as an impressive boast, however, nobody could confirm if this claim was true or not … Continue reading

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Serpi Star Brick!

Here’s one for the Obsessive Museum (Now that’s a very sad idea!) I removed this brick sized siren from a Ford Sierra a couple of weeks ago. The Serpi Star GR5 still had it’s warranty seal sticker in place which … Continue reading

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5 Star Muppetry!

Let me bring the following quotation from the NZSA website to your attention: “If the alarm is sounding because it has detected an intrusion, a thief will try to silence the alarm by cutting the siren wires. Battery back-up sirens … Continue reading

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Cobra Drivers Card

With more and more cars having Immobilisers these days the easiest way to take a car is with the keys. The Cobra Drivers Card is designed to protect your vehicle even if the car keys and remote are stolen. It can … Continue reading

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