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An over-ride code allows you to disarm you alarm when the remote fails. It’s probably a good idea to know what your code is and how to use it.

Know how your alarm works

Don’t wait until your alarm fails! There is never a good time for your alarm remote to fail. If you don’t change the remote batteries then it’s only a matter of time before it will eventually happen. It’s also quite … Continue reading

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Replacement Alarm Remote Controls

What is needed to get a replacement remote? First off you need to be in New Zealand. I’m happy to help those of you outside of Wellington, but do not offer international shipping. Next, I need to know which make … Continue reading

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Cobra Alarm PIN Code Disarm

All of the current range of Vodafone Automotive, Cobra alarms feature an easy to enter over-ride PIN number to disarm the alarm in the even of a remote failure. The PIN code is 4 digits which can be custom programmed … Continue reading

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Dynatron Pin Code Over-Ride

What do you do when your Dynatron remote is lost, or the battery is flat? All Dynatron alarms/immobilisers come with a 4 digit security over-ride code. Here is a You-Tube video that shows you how to enter the code: For … Continue reading

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