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From the daft to the incompetent!

NZ Performance Car stuff up again!!!

Last month I slated NZ Performance Car Magazine for writing what can only be described as a load of bollocks about vehicle security! One of my readers was good enough to post a link about my comments on the NZ … Continue reading

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Feckless “Security Feature” in NZ Performance Car magazine!

The latest edition “NZ Performance Car” magazine contains a “Security Feature” which regular readers know will know I declined to splash out $1,500.00 to be part of! Lazy Journalism Now if there is one thing that gets my goat its lazy … Continue reading

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Upgrade Alarm Muppetry!

It’s shocking how many Upgrade Alarms I’ve come across that have been installed incorrectly. Last Friday, for example, I came across a Mazda RX-8 with one of the new RhinoCo AVS A5 alarms. My customer wanted it replaced with a Cobra AK4615 … Continue reading

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Annoying Phone Calls

As I’m sure anyone who has run a small business will be aware, it gets bloody annoying when the phone rings only to have some clown on the other end of the line trying to sell you something, rather then … Continue reading

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Magazine Security Feature Rejected!

Last week I received a phone call from a popular NZ car magazine asking me if I would be willing to give them some input into a car security feature they would be running in their next issue. I was … Continue reading

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So why do Tower Insurance think you should have a car alarm?

This is the latest TV advert from Tower: Update: They have since deleted the video so you can no longer see it! It seems to suggest that they expect you to have a car alarm for an insurance payout, yet … Continue reading

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2012 Highlights

The new year resolution to try and keep the blog updated on a regular basis has been a challenge as 2013 has been mega busy so far! This at least is my excuse for taking so long to post the … Continue reading

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NZSA Star Rating System: Why is it still being used?

NZSA Star Rating? Back in April 2012, the New Zealand Security Associations failed “star rating system” for car security products was abandoned. However, the NZSA seem to have forgotten to inform anyone about the decision. This page on the NZSA Website (Note: Has now … Continue reading

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AVS 100% Kiwi. Really?

According to a recent post on the AVS Facebook page, they claim that AVS is 100% Kiwi. In fact, this is a quote of their exact wording: “AVS Car Security – 100% Kiwi owned, 100% Kiwi brand, 100% Kiwi operated, … Continue reading

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Warlock WAR3500

I could do a review of the WAR3500 by warlocks, but I’d just be repeating what I said about the Steal Shield SS440. Why? Simple it is exactly the same alarm which has simply been re-branded! This week I got … Continue reading

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